Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mature Fashion: Endings & Beginnings

Major life changes are never easy but it is always important to recognize when something has reached its end.  a life stage , a relationship, a job;  Although endings are usually a little sad, acknowledging the dignity of a relationship also requires acceptance of the end when it comes without denying its past importance in one's life.

It is always important to search out people who contribute to personal growth and who "add to our life, rather than subtract from it.  Although it is true that trials and tribulations may make us grow a little stronger, I have reached the time in my life where I do not care to deal with unnecessary "coping".  I have found that I no longer have some of the advantages I treasured in my part time retail sales job; (suitable hours, suitable pay, suitable respect and autonomy, interpersonal relationships, etc.) Fortunately, one of the advantages of being a senior citizen who had a profession during the "good years" of retirement plans, etc., I do not have to work in any environment that I do not believe will contribute to my overall well being.

There’s a trick to the 'graceful exit.' ; Although there are some elements about my departure of which I am not too fond, I feel that everyone involved felt their needs were met, and that my leaving was the best solution. I believe this job no longer added to my life and would certainly become a "toxic environment" for me. I do recognize I have reached an ending, and regretfully, a closure on this part of my life.

I can't say I'm too fond of a new beginning at this time; I really only planned on working another season, however, I need to examine probabilities and possibilities, and make decisions.  Fortunately, I did anticipate some changes back in December when I mentioned that our beloved manager passed away. Now I have to make some  decisions and plan some new beginnings;  Messy little things, beginnings and endings......Part of me also is looking forward to meeting new experiences, new people, and re-inventing parts of my life; that, too, is "Rocking Age".

A time to be born, a time to die.
A time to plant, a time to reap.

A time to kill, a time to heal.

A time to laugh, a time to weep........."Turn, Turn, Turn"....The Byrds....

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mature Fashion:"Rocking the Age" Benefits

The perceptions of middle or old age are really more harmful than the actuality;  the discrimination based on "ageism"  and the loss of self esteem based on the ageism is the most harmful effect of reaching middle and older ages. The loss of self esteem is the worst part of the dilemma because "ageism" per Se is expected to take a turn downward! Why is this? If for no other reason, we have already reached the tipping point (2015) where there is now equal (+65) or more of "us" than of the -15 population.  Why the -15? this mean every year more people will be moving into the +65 category, and every year the -64 will become less (providing the trend continues-which is predicted,at least, in the United States.

Today, younger people (those younger than 40) still have an edge on getting the available jobs, mostly because of the age of the hiring manager and his/her perception of older people in the work force.  The perception is older people cannot perform as well; they are "over the hill".

(For women, it is even harder-gender discrimination is still the most consistent barrier to employment success-check the stats if you don't accept that thought).  This perception that older people cannot perform as well is simply NOT TRUE and validated by some of the most comprehensive studies.

The Seattle Longitudinal Study, one of the most comprehensive studies; (they have tracked over six thousand senior citizens over a period of forty years) have consistent results that overall, this older group is more able to handle pressure, manage emotions better, has a more positive attitude overall, have better judgment skills, can make more successful business decisions,and can see the overall picture better than their younger colleagues. The study also shows the older people actually have more creativity than their younger counterparts and they can handle social conflicts better than their younger counterparts. (I know, we all have encountered the crotchety older person who complains about everything and refuses to budge,(a stereotype), but we have also experienced the younger "jerk". (not a stereotype). 

All of these findings are contrary to the perception.  As we age, memory functions such as a person's name decrease.  It is true that older people have more trouble in speedy retrieval of data; it is also true that the results listed above take the senior longer to produce, however, the main reason (demonstrated by test) was the seniors took more time to evaluate, make logical conclusions, and consider possible consequences!  Experience gained in a lifetime of personal challenges and the changing work forces actually INCREASED overall adaptability. Of course, jobs that are related to physical requirements may still require meeting a standard that one could meet when younger in age.  

 (more studies have already begun and more are coming because the people making grant decisions that affect opportunities for us older folk are getting closer to that +40. (Oxford University High Lantern, Stanford University,etc.)

The impression that we seniors are "over the hill" is a seriously  negative stereotype that is simply not correct. Longer memory recall is a condition of aging for most people; so are wrinkles and some loss of physical health and strength.  Much of that loss is under our control, much is not.  The bright side is medical technologies are becoming more proficient, lifestyles are making physical difficulties less troublesome, and wonderful new inventions are on the horizen. In fact, life span expectancy has increased every year. (although there is concern that if we don't improve our diet, this may not continue-exercise is more about quality of that life).

We seniors are "made to feel dumb"; partly because of our personal loss of self confidence (inward loss of self-esteem) and the impatience of younger people with our memory recall difficulty (sense of shame because we cannot perform to a public standard (outward self esteem). We must cease accepting either judgement. Remember, seniors do in fact control most of the purchasing power (not saying we are doing most of the buying).  We also control most of the political power, including the stock holdings of most companies (hi tech excluded!).  We just have to quit accepting society's value of our worth and evaluate our own worth to society.

I also mentioned that much of our physical deterioration is under our control; we know how to eat and exercise to minimize the effects (If you don't have a plan now, please start one-even if it is just a tiny bit more than you do now).  Many benefits both physical and mental occur in older age groups; these same studies have shown that happiness improves with age for the majority, migraine headaches lessen and sleep, contrary to popular belief, is actually sounder.  In fact, sleep difficulties are almost always attributed to depression and physical pain in the older population.  It is also recorded that people who "feel young", actually act and are perceived as nine to nineteen years younger than their actual age!! 

Rocking Age is an attitude!!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Mature Fashion: Rocking Age, Your Way

Hello Fashion Friends;

This blog, "Rock My Ages",  is about much more than the fashion that is discussed and displayed on this site or the subject dedicated subject sub blogs ( It is a way of looking at life as we age, at our individual lifestyle in particular, and the physical and mental assets each of us bring to it. Creating personal style is the art of creating images based on the various roles of a  lifestyle and showing the world at large what one wants to be shown. 

Each of us do this in the way we interact with others; in our speech, in our walk, and in the way we dress, whether we like it or not.  

To review, the goal of this blog is to interact with women, especially the +40 group, regarding the personal confidence challenges of this more mature group. 40 is the "tipping point" for most women's sense of aging, usually accompanied by the feeling of losing personal power and confidence. Understanding that a woman can look marvelous no matter her age, her weight, and much of the time, no matter her disability. 

We want the message we are sending to be the one we intend. We send a message every time we speak, in our mannerisms, and in the way we dress whether or not we want; it may or may not be the one we intend; basic human psychology.

Creating our own personal style is about expressing our own unique individuality through visual presentation; our make-up, our physical appearance, and in the way we wear our clothes and the fashions we choose. Confidence in how we look is what "sells" what we want to project to our audience.  "Style" never goes out of style.

If we do not have one already, it is important to develop a personal fashion style primarily because we Feel Good when we believe we look good. We want to create our own "personal brand". It may be complicated or simple, but it must be authentic and suitable to our lifestyle. All of this can be achieved within any budget, any degree of comfort, and in any role. It just takes a little time, a little imagination, and a certain desire to "be all we can be". RockMyAges is about more than just fashion or style; it is all about feeling good about ourselves; about feeling we look good and the accompanying confidence that we feel in all aspects of our life.  It will still be closely involved with fashion (i.e., what you can expect to see information regarding the upcoming fashions, etc.) but not so much the information you might find in a manual.

Rocking one's age is about more than just styling, however.  It encompasses all the ways we can live lives to the fullest; it just begins with how we feel about ourselves.  The "" blog was created to move the "styling" aspect from RockMyAges and RockMyRole. It will become my "manual" for those who feel they may need some assistance in personal styling or (hopefully) to share some of their personal tips.    Styling will remain an important element of each of the blogs, but I find the nitty gritty of personal styling know how needs its own space. I will be moving some of the content of the other blogs that deal with the "how to" to this dedicated styling blog.