Saturday, December 3, 2016

Mature Fashion: New Website

Well, after almost 17 thousand views to this site, I will no longer be posting to  I have finally got all of the "RockMy.." blogs incorporated into one operating website "RockMyAges.Info".  Note that it is now Info, not Com.  Choose the button for Rock My Blog and you will see the blog with a slightly different look, but I really needed to make the change.

All the RockMy..sites will remain open to view but there is no anticipated new posts planned.

Happy Holidays, and remember-

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mature Fashion: Hats off to Hats!!

This post is dedicated to Judith Boyd, aka the Style Crone (I just SO love that name)!!

I also love her weekly (almost) posts to her website ( ) and would not willingly miss reading them. (she is a personal icon of mine, a woman who "Rocks her Age".

I happen to know that Judith is the same age as am I.  She also, ( as did I, )let her hair go to the silver tones instead of covering the grey sometime during this past year. Judith, (also in common with me,) adores hats; she has designed hats, models hats, and knows a great deal about them; her posts almost always show her in some relationship with a hat!!  Not in common with me, she appears to be able to wear any hat style of any kind (and does in her weekly posts).  I think that she believes that any woman can wear a hat; she just has to find the ones that are suitable for her!!

Anyone following my blogs (or the new website RockMyAges.Info -soon to replace this blog) has seen me in a variety of hats; they are my secret weapon for instantly allowing me to change from an "around the house" working uniform to a smartly styled woman who is comfortable anywhere she chooses to go.  Hats are also a year round method of protection from sun damage (I break out with almost any form of sun block, aloe vera dries my skin dreadfully and also can give me a pimple or two).  Hats also allow me instant control over my fine, fly-a-way hair that simple takes much too long to style for a quick trip to the hardware store, printer, etc.

I could not function the way that I do without my collection of hats; I have sixty-four of them which I use constantly. I wear hats in every season of the year and almost any time of the day, usually for some protection from the elements of heat, cold, or wind.

In the upper right hand corner you can see one of my little niches for hanging my fedoras (one of my favorite styles) and I try to have one of them for every type of occasion and ensemble.

My greatest challenge is finding ones that fit my "pin" head.  I almost wear a child's size, making many hats too big for me.  With 64 of them, you can tell that I have managed to find enough of them!!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mature Fashion: NEW WEBSITE !!

Dear Fashionistas and Stylinistas!!  I am SO thrilled to be able to announce (after one whole year!) that RockMyAges will have one website, (and ONE blog)..not the five blogs that I have now!!  

By now I am sure you are aware that I have not been happy with WordPress, the host for the website.  I chose not to purchase a series of "add-ons", etc. and got zilch in technical support for what should have been minor installation issues, etc. My contract with them expired November 9th, and I wanted to move the site to eHost since I was so happy with their product when creating another site (; I was able to keep the "RockMyAges" but WordPress would not release the .com. My new site is "" which I have already began building; a feat that could not be accomplished with WordPress during the entire past year!! (at least, not without expensive assistance).  I have almost got the new site completed but I still have a few kinks to work out.  I am already further ahead (3 days) with its structure than I was able to accomplish in a whole year with WordPress.  Please check out the site and let me know what you think....

For anyone who is looking to build a website, I heartily recommend  eHost.  (unpaid advertising from me, but I really am impressed...)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mature Fashion: Elections, etc.

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been keeping myself very busy these days. In addition to spending a lot of time re-vitalizing my part time mail order business that I have had since 1994, LordPerryPatterns. (hibernating for several years for various priorities), All of these activities really demonstrate that  senior women can (and do) have rewarding lives well into their golden years, providing they feel good about themselves.  In this first picture we had a breakfast at the clubhouse to view changing of the new flag posted in front of the clubhouse and honor Veterans Day.


Our nominating committee for our local HOA was also responsible for ballot counting, verification, etc. was also held the night of the national elections, Nov 8th. Here we are verifying the ballots just before the tally.

We also held the community boutique whose proceeds were jointly distributed between the scrapbook classes, jewelry class, and Hacienda Helping Hands, an outreach program for our senior citizens and at-risk one parent families.  You can just see my Lord Perry Pattern station in the background.  Vicki has a beautiful jewelry display in the center front.

As you can see, we had many wonderful items for sale. (You can see my Lord Perry sign in the background of the upper left hand corner).

Heidi makes the most wonderful cards (one of the activities taught in the scrapbook classes-one I want to learn how to do when my schedule permits.)  Naturally, I bought a few Thanksgiving and Christmas cards. BTW, doesn't her scarf look wonderful with her ombre hair?

Sandra is making sure that her booth is kept as tidy as possible.  The wonderful needlework included embroidered towels, knitted scarves, and lots of home designed quilts.  Sorry, I was unable to get a better picture of the auctioned quilt for that booths  fundraiser,but you can see it in the background of the picture below.

My good friend Sally was literally up almost all night baking, but it was really worth it; she is renowned in the neighborhood for her baking skills. This fundraiser is now an annual event.  This year was the third consecutive year and each year it is growing.  We now have to limit the number of tables available for crafts because we are almost out of room!

I would have liked to make more pictures but I did have to tend to my own booth.......

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Mature Fashion: Busy, Busy, Busy..

Well, it has certainly been a hectic week!

I have been reprising my doll pattern mail order business over the last two weeks. I will be presenting my first show of this encore phase by presenting my patterns, some custom made doll jewelry (hand crafted by yours truly!), and have just mailed my first pattern order.

In this picture I am selecting two dolls for the next pattern I am releasing, the third in a series of the wives of King Henry VIII of England.  I have truly been working some very long hours trying to get the patterns ready (I have over 50 different patterns now).

As you can see, I have lost possession of my dining table, etc., while I am getting things done.  I envy my 'craft' room that I lost when moving to my 'retirement' home. (I also have straggling table,etc).

Of course, you can see that I am not alone while trying to get everything ready.  My treasured  "Jacque de leon" is helping me in his inimitable style.

Chores and activities seem to cluster at this time of year; it is also time for our annual home owners association nominations and elections.  I am one of the members of the nominating committee and am in attendance of this casual meeting (naturally, we have our snacks,etc.  This picture shows the chairwoman reading off the procedure we will be following in distributing, and processing of the ballots and  announcing the new board of directors.

Although L. was caught unawares, and it is not the most flattering pose, aren't the green and wine colors of her outfit  wonderful?

This picture was taken a bit later during the week when the membership met with the candidates who presented their personal credentials and
desires for his or her candidacy. (I caught this picture during the break-you can see in the picture that we take our election seriously)  No, although invited, I did not choose to run for the Board at this time.  I am simply too busy "Rocking My Age!"