Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mature Fashion: More Little Things

layered collar and wide studded belt

The 2016 Fall/Winter fashion season is in full swing and it is important to remember that just a few little changes or additions to our favorite garments can give our wardrobe a fresh new look.  Ear cuffs, over/under and/or long dangle earrings, tassels,(anywhere,all kinds) chunky heels, menswear, layered collars, some transparency, wide belts, etc. Any of the above added creatively to an outfit can update a woman's personal clothing style and give a whole new flavor to her wardrobe.

One of the style benefits for the 40+ age group is just a touch or two of these trends gives a youthful appearance.  The younger stylinista usually will wear most of these trends (or fads) all at the same time and look great.  The woman of a more advanced age may look a little "off" if she wears too many "fashion forward" trends at once (it can also make one look like she is trying a little too hard)  Many stylists advise not wearing more than one or two "fashionable this season" accessories or garments at once, but one or two usually jazz up an outfit and make a woman feel fashionable and fashion forward.  A glance at "" illustrates the trendy items I will be (am) wearing this fall and winter.  If my readers wish to review the "Rockmy.." posts to refresh your knowledge of the fall/winter trends, they are on that website.  Of course the fashion magazines are doing great editorials and a source of information if a stylinista is in the market for items to freshen the wardrobe.

I have been examining the runway shows on (thank you, thank you, Vogue!) for inspiration and knowledge of the spring/summer 2017 fads and trends.  I have already been inspired to create at least 30 outfits that I can create using the accessories and garments I already have in my closet, and I am not finished watching the shows of which I have interest!!  It will take a few weeks before I can post my own closet collections to the runway blog.  I am still in the process of curating my own closet based on what looks I want to adopt for next season. (I really love this part of is fun and it makes me feel that I am not defined by my age).

In general, I observe that black and white are punched up with a strong dash(es) of color, small gingham checks (two or more of them worn at one time) vertical stripes being worn with horizontal stripes in different colors, transparent and lingerie looks with a Victorian flavor (and very busy feathery volume).  The Bohemian (hippie) looks have a mid-Eastern flair along with the very long fringes and exotic jewelry -really more Gypsy than South-West...(hmm...come to think of it, Bohemian comes from the Gypsy culture, right?)...a lot of "dirt" colors in the roomy caftan comfortable looks. Many of the color combinations are more reminiscent of fall fabrics than spring/summer. Camo and snake patterns still going strong but are more subtle than these past seasons; an exception is Altuzarra look #3 ( with the broad python pattern punched up with sprigs of  ripe cherries.

Comfort, worn stylishly, is very big for spring as shown on the runway; shoes are often comfortable clogs (patterned) or the slip-on "boater" canvas .  Atheleisure is very prominent and worn in many different ways; some good, some bad.

Satin fabric is EVERYWHERE, often worn with the transparency and laces.  Hot pants are very in (not that most of us will wear them-but a lot of the younger gals will wear them, -whether or not they look good in them!!)

One of the most noticeable features to me was the fanciful cosmetic and hair styling used on the runway this year.  Although always dramatic and forceful, I believe many of the "looks" are also futuristic as to where the styling is headed.  Although we have seen non traditional colors in nails, lips, eyes, etc., for several seasons (even great-grandmothers regularly paint their nails green, blue, and yellow, and striped), the use of color on ears, etc. and fantastic hairdos radiating the spectrum of the rainbow were much more in evidence.

Personally, I believe that we ladies "of a certain age" can have a lot of fun with our cosmetics beginning this fall/winter season; little changes to our lipstick routines is a great way to update our look and remain very elegant.  One of the simplest variations to our lipstick routine is rather than matching our lipstick to our outfit is to use a different but compatible color or use tone-on-tone shades. Although the dark stains our grand-daughters may be using this fall may not be complimentary to aging and thinning lip lines, a simple update is the ombre look (dark bleeding into light, or vice-versa, whichever best suits our lips) Subtle use of these techniques can and will create a youthful appearance when applied in a manner to suit the individual.  I can see some great possibilities for drama without looking like one's grand-daughter. (...aww come doesn't hurt to give it a try..I know I am going to...)