Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mature Fashion: Advance notice for S/S 2017

Heads Up, Stylinistas!!

We just had the 2016 F/W Couture runway shows; as expected they extended the expectations generated by the F/W Fashion Week 2016 Ready-to-Wear runway shows. Essentially, we now have all the inspiration and up-front information to get our closets ready for the new season. So, you say, "who cares!!", it is JULY and I am wearing my summer clothes, NOW!  Yes!, and if you are at all like me, I am already doing a little weeding in that closet as I discover the white blouse with all the anchors kind of rides up a bit on my arm and I put it on a beginning stack of garments to donate. I am also thinking my closet is getting a bit full and maybe I need to get rid of a few more. I am ready to curate my closet for fall. I also just received the latest batch of fashion magazines that I bet will be showing some of the fall trends now.  (of course, we already have a "heads up, don't we)

Speaking of trends, I want to bring up the fact that while we are purging our closet, it would be helpful to know a bit about what we will be wearing next spring and summer. Case in point: the little green vertical rugby stripe sleeveless blouse worn as an overshirt to the left was on my mental "delete" button; I have worn it for three years, it is of the transparent look. It has been worn with a Polynesian motif, a St. Pat's themed  ensemble, this summer's fresh green and white. I have worn it quite a bit with other items, and I thought it was a candidate for recycle.  After reading Fashion Snoops and their report on the upcoming "Magic" conference in Las Vegas (or "Project", in New York, another source I research for future fashion trends, etc.,)  I am waiting until I make my decision for my own closet collection S/S 2017. 

"Fashion Snoops", have predicted that stripes will continue to be worn in S/S 2017, but "re-mixed" in alternative ways such as the ensemble I am wearing above. One of the examples I viewed on the website reminded me of these garments in my closet, and as you can see, I am wearing it today (..bein' "fashion forward?")  

Fashion Snoops forecast the ultimate Bohemian girl; very much a 70's creature in shades of lavender, pink, and blue. They expect a lot of beaded crochet, suede, and laser cut leather (like my boy cut oxfords with the cut-outs pictured above and worn with the stripes).  they also predict more lace up wedges, ombre fringe and 3D flower appliques.(I already have an idea for a hand knit beaded scarf a friend gave to me as a present-those flowers would make a perfect statement piece).  All the artisan elements of crafting (crochet, hand loomed, crafty embellishments )are visible with an emphasis on exotic animal skin designs and patent leather and leather patchwork designs.

Fashion Snoops also predict that the trend called "Atheleisure," will continue strongly into the new year.  Many of these "luxury wearables" based on gym wear looks will be using technology enhanced materials such as "mood" clothing that will change color, anti-bacterial fabrics, and worn close to the body.

Another trend that is expected to resonate is the "Alternity" of trans-gender dressing;  more lace for men, and more gender neutral clothes in general in women's wear.  This trend is also expected to reflect itself in more non age specific clothing that can be worn successfully by women who are twenty or eighty.  There is also more blending of diversity in ethnicity; themes and many more "shades of nude" .

I paired my striped garments with the cut-out toed boy cut oxfords, the Sharif tropical handbag, and the tassel necklace. I'm not sure that is the same way I would wear it next spring, but I already have some ideas on hold based on the above forecasts and my foray into the jewelry making.  I always look forward to the new shows.  As a senior with a fixed budget, I can make the most of my wardrobe dollars while satisfying my "passion for fashion".

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mature Fashion: Rocking these decades

..I'm so excited about the 2016 F/W Couture collections I just reviewed on!! I absolutely LOVE Chanel entire collection  (I am almost aways delighted by almost anything Karl Lagerfield produces for the runway) much so that I (once again!) could not wait to get a little jump on the Fall season's trends. (see for a post on my styling steps, etc.) I believe any stylinista will enjoy the 2016 Fall Couture shows.

As you all are aware, I have had several changes in my life recently; some of you have been concerned that I am not writing so much or that I have lost interest in the blog.  To answer all, no I have not lost interest in fashion, nor in sharing fashion topics with those who are interested.  However, I really do find that the blogs require an awful lot of time, a fact that I would not mind so much if the blogs were interactive.  Not many readers have shown themselves interested in sharing their fashion ideas, challenges, etc., and I do not take as much interest in one way conversations; social media or otherwise.  Consequently, I am reducing the frequency of the blog posts.  I will probably continue to do some publishing because the "journaling " effect provides me with some styling discipline, etc.  It also is a reminder to keep myself involved enough in activities, etc. that will aid me in "rockingmyages" as I continue to mature.  

I also must face the possibility that I am no longer employable in my traditional lines of work. This reality has also caused me some extra work in wardrobe planning and schedule adjustments, etc.

The last several days have been crammed with the new activities I have taken on (I completed my first necklace in the jewelry class I joined); I have agreed to make some doll clothes for a charity event for the upcoming Christmas bazaar sponsored by some of the ladies at the clubhouse (I also have at least one great-great niece who has an American Girl doll, and whose mother might appreciate some additional doll clothing), and I have also had an unexpected volunteer cat trapping activity on behalf of our local cat rescue center, the Morgan Hill "Town Cats".  I really hate it when people abandon or dump litters of kittens who all too often become diseased or sick.!!  So cruel and so unnecessary!!

I have also been doing a lot of gardening activities that will make maintenance easier in the future.  I know that my physical activities are certain to be more limited as I continue to age, and I cannot rely upon additional income for paid professional services to do the work.

Most of us are pretty busy at this time of year with additional responsibilities for family members, vacations, etc.  Tragically I do not have much of that to look forward to, however, I make the most of what I do have, and consider the good luck I have in other areas. I really do believe that if life gives me lemons, it is  my responsibility to make lemonade.  I also find that keeping busy and involved does not allow me time to brood over issues that I cannot control.  I truly find that all too often those who seem to be the most unhappy, depressed, or otherwise unable to "rock age" are those who really have too much time on their hands and are unwilling to become involved.

I also attended a holiday barbecue with several of the ladies who live in our park.  Two of them have ailing husbands who were unable to attend, and two more were fairly recent widows. (Unfortunately, that circumstance also occurs more frequently as we age.)  I have also just recovered from a miserable summer cold!!

In the last picture, you can see me having a bit of fun with a new dance step practiced in the Wednesday evening line dancing classes.  I do love to dance, it is great exercise, and I do enjoy that sport.  I take a little humorous ribbing, because I am often one of the first to enter the dance floor.  Dancing gives me joy, and anything that produces joy is something I wish to continue.  It is also good for balance; one of the most important attributes those of us in older age need to retain as much as possible;  besides, IT IS FUN!!