Sunday, August 28, 2016

Mature Fashion: Styling and Self Image

Some of my favorite styling ensembles are just the remix of old but favorite garments that already exist in my closet.  You may have noticed that the pictures on these blogs are often different than the ones I have shown in my seasonal "closet collections".  Naturally, that occurs because I continuously receive new inspiration throughout the season.  Although I curate my closet every season to make sure all the garments are appropriate for lifestyle, not too worn, and still work as to fit, color, etc., I want to make sure I have desirable ensembles that give a fresh new look to my wardrobe and "rock my age", what ever it is at the time and season.

Case in point is the ensemble to the left; I literally have had the blouse, necklace, hat, scarf, skirt, and shoes for a number of years. In fact, the black silk self embroidered blouse is over twenty years old, as is the scarf.  The classic Mabe pearl strand is over thirty, the hat over ten, and the shoes over fifteen.  I don't remember how old the skirt, but somewhere around five. I wore a dated Dooney Bourke slim shoulder strap handbag that is at least 25 years old. (I did add a clip on black leather tassel to add a trendy touch).

I bought the textured open weave tights last year to update the look of the classic sweater dress I wore for a winter function. Those tights alone updated that look, and once again, came to the rescue; that worn with the tie up black leather "boyfriend" oxfords and the addition of the flat brimmed (sorta) black straw  hat gave a fresh new look to garments that worn conventionally would have just looked outdated and rather "blah".

Of course, the added and very practical advantage is there is neither any expense or shopping time involved when you do a remix.  The only thing I have to remember is to make sure of using appropriate styling in both the use of jewelry and hair and cosmetic enhancements.  This ensemble would not "work" for me if I added very much jewelry (especially matching bracelets, rings, or earrings!) or if I wore conventional pump flats or heels.  I have no fear about looking my age, but I do not like to look "dated" or boring.

By the way, one proof that I did "rock my age" when I wore this was the number of compliments I received that day.  I had several errands to run, a visit to the doctor, and lunch in town. Literally, every place I visited I received an admiring comment; at the doctor's office a young woman (with her husband, no less) took the time to cross the room and lavishly praise the look.  Obviously, I felt very good about the message I was presenting....I knew I looked good, and I felt GREAT!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Mature Fashion: Maintaining a social network

This particular post reflects on the social networking of middle aged and senior citizens that may decrease suddenly as we age; each decade reminds us more significantly of the potential changes within our social network.  Loss of family, loss of friends, changes in work environments that affect human interaction and sense of personal purpose can become more muddled, etc., etc.  Good friends and peer family members who have experienced physical or emotional decline that no longer allow them to participate fully in the simple acts of day to day "living".

As you know from reading my blogs, I have experienced directly (or interaction with) most of these changes during the last few years.  Of course, I want to forestall (or prevent) as much of this as possible and "rock my age(s)".

I am thrilled to say that my involvement with some of the classes at my club house, involvement with some of the social activities has allowed me to meet and enjoy some delightful new people and making some new friends.  I have also devised a more planned approach to maintaining former activities with long time friends who no longer can share activities due to health issues.  I have also renewed and/or refreshed some of the skills and interests I have had over the years.

I am considering starting a "styling salon" at my home for some of my new acquaintance who are also interested in maintaining an up-to-date fashion and styling program.

The long silk leopard scarf worn in the above picture was given to me as a birthday present almost forty years ago; one of the main reason I collect quality and classic accessories, whether or not I will wear them during a particular season.

I am wearing it with Kors snakeskin printed cotton pants, Hanes long sleeve t-shirt, and Sam Edelman (Circus) silver flats.  Both are perfect "no nonsense" accessories for the practical "at home" ensemble.  It is also a great example of the timeliness of animal prints and timely luxury fabrics. 

The "Indianna Jones" flop hat, a Target purchase, keeps the broiling sun off my face.  For those who love and need hats as basic accessories, visit for Judith Boyd's stylish "hat attacks" for inventive and current ways to wear hats successfully.  I do agree with her view that everyone can wear hats; they just need to find the right kind.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Mature Fashion: Weight, Self Image, and Fashion

Almost every woman CAN look magnificent; she may also look beautiful, healthy, toned, or at least, attractive no matter her weight (and many times, with her physical deformities).  How she accomplishes this is mostly within her own control, especially the weight factor.

I have seen quite of bit of social and published media lately that really disturbs me. The latest was a woman in a swim suit that was totally inappropriate for her body mass and type. Her text bemoaned her insecurity when swimming with her children because her neighbor lady had a figure like a model.  One of the comments listed under her published picture encouraged her to "love her body"  even though overweight and stated that her children would not care if she was fat, but would remember the good times in the pool.

Firstly, anyone who was truly insecure with her figure would never wear a string bikini in a "look at me" print and publish it on Facebook!...especially, if she was obese and afraid of her body exposure!!  Secondly, obesity is most importantly a HEALTH issue, not just an appearance issue.  My advice to the woman would have been to lose the 50+ pounds (or more) necessary to preserve her health.  It is certainly my belief that her ability to swim and have fun with her children and/or grandchildren is much more effective with weight loss than her appearance in a swim suit.  Advising anyone to "accept" themselves in this condition is a dis-service, at best. (Now, before anyone brings up the fact that "some people can't help it, etc." please remember that is less than 1 % of those who are overweight! -over 40% of the American public is OBESE, not just "overweight")

From a fashion point of view, swimwear for every figure is available in today's market.  We have all seen women who are very much over their ideal weight; Oprah Queen Latifah, and other public personalities who always look wonderful.  I am seventy three, have wrinkles, veins, etc. that often accompany aging; I am also still overweight, but within a healthy range.  To prove the point that any woman CAN find something that can allow her to play with children, grand-children, or even great-grandchildren, I am publishing my picture in a suit that is appropriate for my body type and particular figure challenges.  BTW, you don't have to have an in-house chef or a high priced fashion stylist or spend a ton of money on a swimsuit; the suit above is "Lands End" purchased at Sears with an accompanying over wrap; both purchased on sale for a little less than $100.00.

This is the only post that I am publishing on both the "Rockmyages" blog and the "RockmyFitness" blog because I do have some different readership on each site and because I think the issue of weight control is so very important to "Rock Our Age".  It is also important from the fashion view point to always remember that no matter the figure challenge, fashion can be used to project a desirable image....been there, done that!!  Fashion can be your best pal when you just can't get off all the weight...or, while you're tryin'....