Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mature Fashion: S/S 2016: Release #6 "Glam Grams"

Hello, Fashionistas and Stylinistas;

How many of us are obsessed with the styles of old style Hollywood?  Well, this spring/summer 2016 fashion season will give us a chance to apply all our styling techniques.  The release of "Glam Grams" shown on "Rockmyrunwaay.blogspot.com" shows a few styles I have incorporated into my "closet collection" for S/S 2016. Lush satins, velvets, glittering embellishment galore, and exotic feathers, especially peacock adorn the runway.  This fashion trend is dressy but flows into glamorous "at home" wear such as those shown in "Beyond the Boudoir."

You will not see many glamorous ensembles in my wardrobe because it is simply not my lifestyle.  I love glamorous clothing, and I love to wear it, but in most of my roles, it would be both impractical and out of place. 

I do want to recommend to you who want to see authentic creative high fashion and glamorous styling for the mature woman at its best to visit the website of the Style Crone. (stylecrone.com) I will have very few displays like this to demonstrate at this time because the roles in my lifestyle are much more limited.

The focus of the "Rockmy...." series is on updating fashion style and "look" using the garments in ones closet and stressing the point that any home body can look good, even great with even the most casual clothing.

 I do admire a master stylist, though.  Judith Boyd, AKA "The Style Crone" is a work of art unto herself and I love her sites. Her site is the epitomy of glamorous styling for a mature woman. It would be worth a visit to the website.

The "Rockmy.." series will resume after the holidays; Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year......................Geneva White............rockmyages@aol.com

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Mature Fashion: S/S 2016: Release #5 "Global Grandma"

Saving the decoration for Great Grandson's first tree

Hello Fashionistas and Stylinistas;

One of the major fashion themes for Spring 2016 in a strong influence of cultures throughout the world. Of special note were printed fabrics with tropical birds, exotic jungle themes, and the Spanish influences of Flamenco and South America. There is also a Polynesian, Asian, and Mid-Eastern feel to the cut, embellishments and fabrics of many of the garments.  In my 5th "Closet Collection " titled "Global Grandma" ,our global granny does not let the grass grow under her feet; She is inspired by all the cultural influences. 

The Spanish influence will be seen in many garments with layered ruffles and the colorful combinations of Flamenco dancers.Of special note are the subjects of monkeys and elephants and tropical birds in fabric patterns. You will also note the cut of many garments influenced by Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Indian garments for women. Many fabric embellishments and patterns are also flavored by these cultures.

Release #5 "Global Grandma" can be viewed on "Rockmyrunwaay.blogspot.com.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mature Fashion: Release " #4:" Beyond the Boudoir"

 It was inevitable that the delicious feel of satin, silks, and filmy laces of lingerie would also become day wear as well as the comfort of flannel pajamas. After all, the "at home" look of satin pajamas and men's smoking jackets are only a couple of generations away.  (Does anyone else remember Joan Collins in "Dynasty" wearing her white satin wide legged trousers topped by a matching wide kimono top, her hair elegantly bound at her nape with orchids?Did we really believe she wore that to bed?!)

One of the principle of "rocking ones age" is to retain our youthful flexibility; one way to accomplish this is to keep our minds elastic.
Teens have worn flannel pajamas to school for decades, as well as sweat pants and other "at home" wear.  Lingerie is  just another example of choosing comfort yet making it stylish.  If the design properties, fit,and style suit you, why not wear it?  

As you know from previous posts, I, too, wear flannel pajamas and thermal t-shirts every morning to perform certain chores before I dress for the day's role (s).  This year I have succumbed to the current rage for fleece lined pants.  I have now extended those same pj's to potential all day wear by belting a sweater over the thermal, etc.  I always do the minimum face washing routine immediately upon arising, so now I am good to go in even less time than before.  This genre of clothing, both the fleece lined and the satiny polyesters are wonderfully comfortable.  I'm sure the fleece lined pants will be too warm for summer, but the silky polyester pajamas will be just right.

Check out "Rockmyrunwaay.blogspot.com" for my "closet collection" using the fashionable lingerie look and items as day wear.  Try it, I guarantee you will like it.

Happy Styling, Stylinistas.

P.S. I was just reading my new copy of "In Style, January 2016, page 45"  a direct quote: "

Why kick back in years-old yoga pants when you can swan around in silky, languid separates, PJs or otherwise? Drape a coat over your shoulders to make a latte run, Old Hollywood Style."  

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mature Fashion: S/S 2016; Release #3 " Grandma Grunge"

Hello Fashionista's and Stylinistas:

"Grunge, concrete, or hard edged" factory worker looks can be such fun, and of course, very practical. They are so comfortable, hence their popularity with the young crowd. 

Grunge means many things to many people; for the young in age, it usually means rough wear and maybe even "grungy" street wear.  For the mature, over 40+ woman, it simply means clothes that are practical for doing the many chores so many of us do.  I'd love to spice up an outfit of cute overalls with a hard hat, but I don't have them in my closet. The fashion name for this look for spring is "concrete".  For those of you who have a killer pea coat and want to get an early start on the look, it would go great with these clothes as well as  a heads up on the classic nautical themes. Real Levis, coveralls, apron front, wide statement plaids are once again stylish when worn in the spring season's manner; grown up romper wear.

To my left, Although a winterized version of a subtle grunge look, I have on good sturdy clogs (had 'em a hundred years!-called the "professional" by Dansko) instead of the iconic Doc Martens, my faux leather pants, and a green and black varied striped polyester tee.  My outer layer is the long black cardigan with all the hardware on the shoulders (another 'rule' I am breaking).  The clogs and the cardigan supply the edge. Should I need to go to the hardware store or other errand, I will just put on my black fedora and I am good to go. Changing the pants to a lightweight dark denim and shedding the cardigan converts easily to spring/summer wear.  (I still think the right hard hat would make a style statement!)

I have just released "Grandma Grunge", the third release of the six "closet collections" for Spring/Summer  2016 ready to wear fashions.  You may view the collection on "Rockmyrunwaay.blogspot.com".  I have also began to work on the website "Rockmyages.com"  I haven't got very far yet because I have to figure out every step along the way. (Of course, I am getting a ton of e-mail from web site developers offering to build a great site for me for a "nominal ".  I may resort to that, but in the meanwhile, I want to keep my expenses down.  As you can see by my latest photos, I am figuring out how to edit my photography well enough to demonstrate the collections.

By the way, you all know that my blog(s) are intended to represent everyday mature fashion for the woman who may have many roles that allow or require her to "dress down". These are the areas where most "fashion" takes a beating, often because these women are the ones who feel "why bother"?  I love the high fashion office and professional looks, but the clothing does not match the roles where I spend most of my time. I still want the fashion, even if it is a perfectly designed and tailored sweat suit!  As you know, I feel that if you know you "look good", you will also "feel good".

If you are a "grunge grandma", I would love for you to share some of the fashion looks you would wear this spring. You might want to keep in mind the fashion trends I shared in the post for Release #1; Natty Nauticals.

Happy Styling................Geneva...............Rockmyages@aol.com

Its the little things:

I am breaking the shoulder "rule" for my body type because I actually have small shoulder, but larger upper arms. Note the hardware ends just a tip over the edge making the shoulder look larger and the top of the arm smaller; exactly why every woman has to appropriately evaluate her own body.  No blanket rule can apply to everyone.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mature Fashion: S/S 2016 Release #2 Release of" Not so Old Glory" & Season Trends

Season's Greetings, Fashionistas and Stylinistas;

Last week we released "Natty Nauticals", one of the significant fashion themes of the upcoming spring season.  This week we are releasing my closet collection titled "Not So  Old Glory", a theme based on colors and interpretations of the American Flag. You may see view them at "Rockmyrunwaay.blogspot.com".

The Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion season is filled with many different "looks" .  Usually there are around five or six strong fashion statements,however, Spring 2016 season has ten to twelve!  This certainly offers something for everyone!  I mentioned in earlier posts I was releasing six of my personal "closet collections" that will incorporate the themes I am using from Fashion Week.  My own collections do not include all the trends either because they are not suitable for my body shape or because they do not reflect my personal fashion aesthetic.  However, I will briefly describe the additional themes that you may wish to explore in your own closets. 

In addition to nautical themes (Release #1 "Natty Nauticals",), American Flag colors (Release #2, "Not So Old Glory"), there are themes that deal with sweetly romantic ruffles, feminine prints, tiers of layered ruffles that are reminiscent of Flamenco dancers, and summer garden parties.  Also offered are the more hard edged tie dyed casual and not so casual wear, shiny silver and gold foil metallic materials, and light weight blue denims. Sparkly materials are still going strong as well as white backgrounds for prints. The more rowdy looks are expressed (Release #3 "Grandma's Grunge") with urban plaids, suede sturdy boots, and a continued use of leather for every day wear. Vertical stripes (almost bands) continue as fashion themes, especially in bold bright reds and greens, and this season's "boy blue". Satins and lace, (the lingerie look) are used extensively by the designers this year (Release #4 "Beyond the Boudoir") and will be strongly seen as slip dresses and over blouses that will actually look more like slips than dresses.  Hollywood glamour more reminiscent of the '40's and '50's (Release #6 "Glam Grams") and global cultural themes, especially far eastern are also widely represented (Release #5 "Global Granny). Elephants, monkey prints and return of snake fabrics are still extensively shown in the collections and accessories. Rich brocades and lush fabrics abound.

One of the most interesting notes of Spring 2016 is the focus on wide and intricate sleeves; a modernistic twist to Victorian wear. Straight across drop shoulder looks repeat this  spring as do laser cut out designs, especially around the shoulder area and the "de-constructed "shirts.  I don't have any representation in my closet collections of these themes because (although interesting), as I mentioned above, I do not have a body type that is at all suitable for these looks. 

This fact serves as a reminder that fashion exists to flatter my body, not be a slave (sleeve) to fashion!!  However, having said that, should I encounter a garment that gives a nod to cut-outs or a sleeve with Victorian details around the wrist, etc., I would certainly try it on.  I would not spend a deal of money on it, as I believe this look would certainly become dated very quickly.   The same is true of the "de-construced shirt" (mismatched garment pieces) and fish net garments that are already making an appearance on the fashion scene.

I trust this information has given you a strong heads up on what type of garments you will encounter soon after (or even before) the holiday season is over.  Right after the new year begins, I will once again "curate" my closet in preparation for the new fashion season.

One again, Have a happy holiday season........Geneva...Rockmyages@aol.com.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Mature Fashion: S/S 2016:Release #1: "Natty Nauticals", Oval & Hourglass Body Types

Seasons Greetings, Fashionistas and Stylinistas;

Christmas is three weeks away and we are seeing the resort merchandise in the retail stores; in a few weeks clothing geared toward Spring/Summer 2016 will be on the racks.

Consequently, I am releasing my first "closet collection" of the 2016 season called "Natty Nauticals".  The ensembles presented are always based on garments already in my closet. In most cases the garments are only a re-mix of clothes I already own but shown in a fresh new way; in some cases I have added a minor purchase to update the look.  Usually, that purchase will be something as minor as a scarf or inexpensive over blouse. The primary purpose of these "closet collections" is to demonstrate we do not have to break the bank to stay youthful and fashionable and dress with style.  My personal closet ensembles are representative of a mature female population whose primary life "roles" are local community based, home based, and work based.  The collections also take into account that most of us of a certain age are budget conscious when purchasing clothing. 

One of the hottest trends this year is the timeless and classic nautical theme with a few modern twists.  Classic navy and white has been updated this year in a few interesting ways.  Black and white stripes, pop color stripes, and multi-directional stripes update the look.  Many of the stripes incorporate additional colors other than the basic stripe. Nautical and maritime themes such as starfish, shells, etc. and other sea creatures are inspiration for many of the prints and patterns.  White continues as a strong color theme for both Spring and Summer; a fact that pleases me because I like white garments and have quite a few of them.  You may visit the collection at "Rockmyrunwaay.blogspot.com". 

The example of one of the ensembles I have chosen for a more businesslike role is shown in the upper left hand corner.  I have not shown it with any accessories and am leaving it as a back-up choice in my style book; I am not sure I would choose to wear this one if I had a back-up choice.  My own postings to body type, etc. on "Rockmyrole.blogspot.com" have reminded me the cable knit sweater adds a few pounds!!  I do have a lovely silk yachting scarf in navy, white, and red that will look good, but the whole combination is rather ordinary.  But, I will wear all the garments in other ways, and I would definitely wear this outfit to any event that would require a conservative and traditional appearance;  one of the benefits of my age.

There as as many as twelve fashion themes this year, depending upon which fashion source you credit.  I have identified six "closet collections" that incorporate most of those themes from my own closet.  The remaining five are "Not So Old Glory", based on the colors of the American Flag, "Beyond the Boudoir", reflecting the craze for lingerie dressing as street wear, "Grandmother Grunge", based on the more hard edged utilitarian functions of our garments, " Global Grandma" representing the variety of cultural influences from Fashion Week.    "Gamour Grams" represents the continued presence of rich materials such as fur, velvets, brocades, and lace.  The few that are not incorporated I will share in one separate post because I will not be incorporating collections of those looks from my closets. 

I expect to release "Not So Old Glory" next week.  Until then, happy styling, Stylinistas;