Saturday, October 31, 2015

Mature Fashion; Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, Stylinistas;

It is always fun to work on Halloween (actually, almost any day that precedes a celebration); people usually have fun. 

Because my job is in sales, I always have to be conscious of the impression I might make on a customer, so I really have to avoid wearing costumes that might offend people, or that might jeopardize a sale. (My I & O Psychology kicking in again!).  It is true that what impression I make on a customer is bound to affect the outcome of a possible purchase transaction.  It will create either positive or negative opportunity. Hence, you see a conservative costume that is not likely to offend many, but immediately gives the customer and co-workers a "let's have fun" attitude.  

In conversation today regarding the importance of cosmetics and hair care in fashion styling, a significant point was raised by my co-worker.  She mentioned how important is was to keep the basic foundation simple enough that we would (an could) follow it!.  Although I have posted the few basic routines I follow myself, I thought important to stress again how important it is to never go to bed without thoroughly cleansing your face, and to maintain your haircut.  I might add the basic cosmetic routine I perform EVERY morning upon awakening, before breakfast, before getting dressed, etc.  I rinse and moisturize my face, comb my hair, apply basic eyebrow pencil, add a touch of mascara, brush my teeth, and add lip color.  If I do these things the very first activities of the morning, I am certain to be presentable in any situation.  Anyone can perform their own routine that covers those basics in under ten minutes. Small steps, but vital to a sense of personal order and control of the stylish woman.

I hope your Halloween is/was fun;  if you are in California, remember to set your clock back an hour!  It is now time to plan our styling for the busy, and sometimes dressy holiday season............Happy Styling...........Geneva

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mature Fashion:"Its all about the Base"

Hello,  Stylinistas;

As you know if you are a follower of the "" series, you know I emphasize the fact that each of us are playing various "roles" in a play called "my Lifestyle".  Just like in a play, actors have a specific wardrobe to accommodate the different roles; they also have a stylist who coordinates the hairstyle and cosmetics to the wardrobe, time, and period.  I created the new site to deal exclusively with appropriate styling for the "costumes" we wear for our different roles.

I stress the importance of knowing how much of our time is spent in a specific role to appropriately judge how much of and what kind of wardrobe we need.  The same logic holds true for what kinds and how much cosmetics, hair styling, accessories, etc. we also need.  My cosmetic and hair styling is totally dependent on what I expect to do during a day, and I have created simple routines to address make-up and hairstyling techniques accordingly.  Please visit "" to read the first post dealing with this topic.

As you can see in the above picture, I am costumed in sage green jeans and a turtle necked cotton sweater.  My only accessories are camo colored flats, a simple chain beneath the collar of the sweater, and a map faced leather watch. My hair pinned back to stay out of my face.  My make-up is the minimal eyebrow definition, color on the lips, a touch of mascara, and of course, the basic cleansing and moisturizing of the face. The entire outfit is very utilitarian based on the chores I will have to perform, yet I can go anywhere or see anyone without a blush. Remember, make-up and hairstyle are also fashion styling......Geneva

Mature Fashion: Rocking Stripes

Hello Stylinistas:

Today we are going to talk about stripes; stripes as a fashion staple has been around since Coco Chanel made them fashionable after World War I, using the French sailor uniform as her inspiration. 

Stripes are still going strong, slight changes such as direction, wide vertical stripes, usually in just two colors.  Also, many of the stripe patterns have white background and uneven spacing with many of the patterns showing openings and nautical buttons at the shoulder and stripes beginning near the bustline down to the waist.  many of the stripes will still be in black and the nautical themes are often black and white rather than navy and white.

I really could not believe it when a good friend of mine mentioned that she did not like to see stripes and prints together because she had been taught the stripes and prints of any kind did not go together.  Well, people once thought the world was flat, too; pairing stripes and floral prints have been around so long they are a fabric staple. It is wise, however,  to address a few art principles when making your pattern selections. Usually, when using two or more patterns together, you want to colors to be compatible and/or in the same tone.  Check proportions to determine if the mix is pleasing.  Once again, there is no hard and fast rule; just be aware and make sure your combination pleases the eye.  If you love it, it probably works.

I mentioned in the previous post that most of the fashion collections I have presented were representative of a seasonal fashion style, usually created by Fashion Week designers in their seasons fashion shoes.  As you know, these trickle down to the fashion you actually see and buy in the retail stores shortly thereafter.  Details like patterns, colors, artistic themes, etc. tend to be trends; details like plaids, animal prints, etc., and may continue throughout several fashion seasons.

Stripes is one of the major themes that will continue throughout 2016.  They will be different; presented in new ways until the theme fades away until resurgence at a much later fashion season. Rest assured the geometric stripe will return.For spring, 2016 you will continue to see a lot of stripes.  I will have some examples later this season when I style my interpretations of "Not So Old Glory". (I will apply my own names for the fashion themes. It is fun to have my own themes targeting mature women rather than the traditional targeted age groups).

I mentioned in the previous posts that most of the fashion collections I have presented were representative of a seasonal fashion style, usually created by Fashion Week designers or Fashion magazines such as InStyle or Vogue.  As you know, these trickle down to the fashion you actually see and buy in the retail stores shortly thereafter.  Details like patterns, colors, artistic themes, etc. tend to be trends; details like plaids, animal prints, etc., are often trends that may continue throughout several fashion seasons. 

For stylings from my own closet (remember, I always shop my closet first) I will share with you combinations I will be wearing this fall and early spring.  Of course, there are many more possibilities but what you see is based on my figure and fashion aesthetic.  You may view them on ""........Happy Styling......and Happy Halloween......Geneva

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mature Fashion: Rocking Fashion Nun

Hello Stylinistas;

Today I conclude demonstrating that almost anyone can shop in their own closet for updating and choosing the newest fashion "look'.  Every season a variety of fresh interpretations of fashion styles are presented to the public in Fashion Week designer runway shows. The last of the 2015 Fall interpretations "Fashion Nun"  that I styled from my own closet was released today.  You may view them on ""  .I do have a post or two regarding the fall trends that I will probably post (Rocking Stripes, etc.). 

Of course, I will wear a few of them only one or two times because I created examples in each of the fashion looks and I have a limited scope in which to wear all six of them.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have had so much fun and broadened my own scope by challenging my own fashion borders, especially Lolita and Forever Boho.  Usually I only decide the combinations from my closet in one or two of the newest looks.  I have ensembles now that I would not have styled for myself had I not accepted my own challenge to select combinations from the neglected looks. 

 I have also been encouraged to broaden the other styling aspects of hairstyle and makeup that will enhance the styling I have done with my clothing.  It has been a growth experience that I sincerely enjoyed.

Another benefit I have received from starting these fashion blogs is the sharpening of dormant technical skills that I have neglected for many years.  I am learning to navigate the requirements of blogging, the photography capabilities (and lack thereof) of my smart phone, etc. etc.  I believe that "rocking an age" also helps a mature person of either gender to keep a pliable brain.  Introducing oneself to newer technology is necessary if we do not wish to stagnate; it keeps us in step with the existing and forever evolving world. 

(BTW, I took the picture in the upper left hand corner before I had learned how to use the timer setting on my smart phone-I am getting better with the pictures, although I am still waiting for the tripod to set things up properly.  I still do not know if I will need a professional camera).

Halloween is in a few days and I have a few things to do, plus working at my part time job, that will not allow much time for addressing the blogs; have a fun weekend, whatever you are doing to kick off this holiday season.....and, if you have time, happy styling...Geneva

Monday, October 26, 2015

Mature Fashion: Fashion rules

Hello Stylinistas

Today its not about looking Young; It is about looking Good!!

One of the reasons I began this blog was the barrage of "don'ts" that I read on the few articles that discussed mature fashion, but I found very little emphasis on what you can "do" to make oneself look great.  Many of the rules I did find I consider silly; "wearing season themed sweater or sweatshirts, don't wear elastic waist pants, don't wear comfort sandals, don't wear t-shirts with mottos, etc."  As in ALL art forms one has to use a little thought, inspiration, balance, proportion, creativity, and good judgement to bring out the best of your assets.   A well groomed woman (a flattering hair style in a flattering shade of color, craftily applied cosmetics, well fitted garments,-not just "neat and clean")  who knows what type and style of garments suit her best does not have to fear a rain deer motif on a sweatshirt!  She is going to look great no matter her age. 

Obviously, if the baggy (or too tight) sweatshirt is on the older lady with the baggy elastic waist pants, the comfort sandals with socks, etc., she is not going to look good unless she is possibly under 20 and has the slouchy teen attitude.  Most young women buy it because they LIKE it or it is the "style".  Fortunately, with their toned bodies, hours of perfect cosmetic application and innocent confidence, they look GOOD no matter what they wear.  It is the feeling of confidence, the sparking eyes, etc. that carry the day.

Almost all of the articles I mentioned that are written for older women focus on looking younger.  First of all, people who look "good", almost always look "youthFUL".  It is the attitude, the energy level, etc. to which people react.  One of the most outlandish articles dealt with the fact that smiling caused wrinkles; that may be (and is) probably true, however, do we wish to restrain ourselves from an honest smile to prevent a wrinkle?  

We have all known people who were "old" even though their years were not; we have also known many who were "young at heart" and we enjoyed them. Most of us envy the ones who look great no matter their age and fall into the latter category. Being young at heart also includes flexibility.  Many older women are still locked into "rules" of their youth, such as the mixing of prints and plaid or stripes like in my picture above. 

My goal for this blog is to interact with those who fall into the category of wanting to look "good" no matter her age and who has the initiative to not settle for less than being all she can be.  It is meant for sharing our knowledge, tips, and other information that seems to be lacking across all media.  There are few resources for our age group or for people who want to become their own stylist and learn to make the most of their older body. The few that are out there do not deal with the challenges of the average American woman 

One can buy great comfort shoes and elastic waist pants in any style and suitable for women of any age.  What one does have to know is how to make the most of the assets one has and how to minimize perceived defects.  This woman has to be willing to work a bit to make the best of herself and be confident that she is worth it.  I am amazed at the number of women I have known in my lifetime who feel they have time to steam clean a garbage can but do not feel they have time to steam their face. Obviously, I have chosen an extreme example but I am sure you get my point.  These are usually to women who have lost all interest in themselves as pertinent individuals; they have given up. 

Of course, I am not talking about the older woman who really does not care about her appearance (she probably did not when she was much younger).  This blog is about women who do; women who want to continue to feel confident about themselves, who strive to be the best they can be, and are searching for new ideas, strategies, assistance, and sharing of information. Women who want to continue to grow, make the most of assets, and look wonderful as long as they live.

Once again, let me share my opinion on rules: I do not believe in many generalized fashion rules. Do not confuse fashion rules with rules of perception common to art and architecture, etc.  Perspective, facts of illusion, etc. are concrete and must be accepted as truth.  I am speaking of point-in-time rules such as "never wear a yellow dress,  you cannot mix prints and plaids, never wear black and brown together, never wear navy and black together, never match shoes and handbag, always match shoes and handbag", blah, blah, blah...Almost every fresh fashion breaks a "rule" of another time. 

Having said all that, I believe every woman must compose a list of personal fashion rules, based on her likes and dislikes, her specific body, face, age, lifestyle, etc. Every person's features are unique. She should understand the existing "rules" to assure herself why the rule should not apply to her. (a specific body feature, specific fabric textures, patterns)

The definition of "good taste" is also fluid.  Almost everyone I have ever met believe they have "good taste".  Many with whom I agree; many I can't believe anything but a large ego could possibly lead to that conclusion. Lauren Hutton is reputed to have made the statement that "most person's who were renowned for good taste grew up with Old Master and Picasso paintings on the wall".  Of course, she meant they learned good taste from the exposure; they were not born with it.  The rule concerning elastic waists for older women is a case in point.  Most people know there are stylish elastic waist pants; they really mean the cheap knit materials many economy stores continually carry.  That is one of the main problems with high end designers making lines for low quality big box stores.  I see many designs that are wonderful, but the materials are shoddy at best.

It is my observation the older I am, the less I can afford to add too many trend elements to any fashion combination. I have a personal "rule" of not combining too many fashion elements in an ensemble.  I have found this is one of the most common mistakes mature women make when trying to obsessively follow fashion trends; i.e., they will wear the latest shoe fashion,the latest skirt or pant design elements, the latest jewelry fad, color combination, etc. etc.  Many of them all at once.  I edit carefully how many fashion "must haves" I wear at one time.  I never wish to appear I am imitating my grand-daughter or that we are 'twins".  I also make sure I am wearing the bulk of clothing and accessories in high quality items. I will allow only one or two items in the ensemble to be less expensive trendy items.  

I find that "less is more" the older I get (remember, this rule, too can be broken with exactly the right outfit, and on the right woman-I break some taboo almost every season and usually love the effect.  It is important to remember, however, that all persons do not appear to advantage in all things.  I wear more cosmetics now than when I was younger but less of each type, this works for me.  To thine own self be true; Let your mirror and "feel" be your guide)

Have you defined your own personal rules for looking your fashion best?  I would love to hear your personal "rules" and why you have them....Happy Styling...Geneva

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mature Fashion: Rocking "Mod" & " Goth"

Hello Stylistas.....

I have just made new posts to ""  demonstrating  2015 Mod and Goth genre fashion ensembles for mature women.  I hope you will find some inspiration in the outfits combined from my own closet .  

Rocking Mod is somewhat nostalgic for me because I was a very young woman during the 60's fashion phase (an interpretation of the Roaring 20's "mod".)  I remember shortening my skirt an inch every year from the day I graduated high school up until the 1970's.  They say you should never wear a major fashion if you have worn it the last time it appeared; (another fashion rule I choose to contradict.)  I believe it is more accurate to say that you probably should not wear it the same way.  Each iteration of the fashion cycle must be re-interpreted, updated, and use a fresh new approach to the fashion.  Fortunately, as mature women, we have a lot more experience on which to draw.

Our 21st Century Mod has many more choices today than the Mod of the 60's.  Hi-tech fabrics exist today that did not then, fashion dictates of the time were much more conservative than today, options were far fewer on all levels.  Simple updates abound this year to give Mod that fresh new look.  

Rocking "Goth" is so right for the mature woman.  Your imagination is all you need.  The stately stark sophistication suits our ages; black will suit any complexion; if it is draining your color, it only adds to the drama.  You just need to style your make-up appropriately.  If you don't want black, grey, deep blood red, lavender, eggplant, etc. all can work.  Just add edginess and boots of almost any style.  The "men's look" footwear work the look. With my almost white hair and very pale skin, I would love to style a ghostly pearly look if I can find the clothing pieces I have in mind.  Wish me luck;  Happy styling.............Geneva

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mature Fashion: "Rocking" Age

Hello Stylinistas;

Lets discuss exactly what it means to "Rock My Age";  The movie actor Richard Gere is attributed with saying "Know that you are the perfect age...Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many" .

"Rocking" as you know, is a term used by the younger set to describe anything awesome; hence the name of this blog.  Rockmyages is about much more than the fashion that is discussed and displayed on this site or the sub blogs, and  It is a way of looking at life as we age, at our individual lifestyle in particular, and the physical and mental assets each of us bring to it. Creating personal style is the art of creating images based on the various roles of a  lifestyle and showing the world at large what one wants shown.  Each of us do this in the way we interact with others; in our speech, in our walk, and in the way we dress, whether we like it or not.  

If you do not have one already, it is important to develop a personal fashion style primarily because you Feel Good when you believe you look good. Creating and/or identifying a unique personal style helps one achieve a sense of confidence when assembling an outfit. This confidence carries over into whatever endeavor we undertake during the day.  

Confidence is a benefit when interacting with others; however, confidence is not all that is necessary to make an impression or send a message to achieve a goal; you want the message you are sending to be the one you intend to send. You send a message every time you speak, in your mannerisms, and in the way you dress; it may or may not be the one you want.

Creating your own personal style is about expressing your own unique individuality through visual presentation; your make-up, your physical appearance, and in the way you wear your clothes. Confidence is what "sells" what you want to project to your audience.  "Style" never goes out of style.

Fashion changes from season to season, year to year in a never ending re-interpreted manner. Your personal Fashion Style is all about using  updated Fashion to project part of an image without saying a word and realizing that the manner in which you are dressed will send a message, intentional or not,  to everyone you physically encounter. 

Fashion, however, is a show; a carnival.  It is creative, fun, and when used to ones advantage, an important tool in getting satisfactory results. Fashion must also be managed wisely or it can also insidiously undermine the wearer, hence the term 'fashion victim' . Every Organizational Psychologist knows the value of dressing appropriately for a job interview.  Almost all persons in political positions or Hollywood have a stylist or two on the payroll before an important public event.  Appearance does count; all the time, every day.

Unfortunately, when women enter their forties, many begin to lose confidence because the effects of aging usually begin to show. Media focus on youth does not help. Cosmetic and fashion advertising focusing on making the wearer look 'younger' does not help.  Rock My Ages is designed to assist us in keeping our confidence high in spite of our age.  It discusses ways and means to help us "rock" the years in the later decades of our prospective lives. Because our ever more mature fashion choices say so much about us, the blog will focus a lot on what is happening in today's fashion world, and most of all, how we can use it to our advantage. 

Rock My Ages is all about ageless Style; it is not about looking young; it is all about looking good.  It is all about maintaining that style as we move through the decades, all about keeping our confidence as we face the challenges ahead.  

Rock My Runway is all about timely and modern fashion to assist in maintaining a fashion style without breaking the bank.  Rock my Role, however,  is all about quantifying and the dynamics of the roles in the play called "My Personal Lifestyle."  I will be adding sub blogs providing information on other physical attributes such as make-up, hairstyle, and figure maintenance to assist in the presentation of our personal style. I plan on having them up by the end of the year.

Each of these blogs are meant to attract the mature woman over forty who is moving toward retirement, if not already retired.  She may or may not have an empty nest, but if not, she is soon likely to have one. She will probably still be actively involved in part time employment or volunteer work; she may be a grandmother or great-grandmother, assisting in child care for her extended family.   She may have lost her spouse, and she will probably have some budget concerns related to a diminishing fixed income. I will be available on-line for advice and assistance in most phases of wardrobe planning and styling.  I may also be available as a personal consultant for hire for those who do not have the time or would prefer to have a knowledgeable expert. 

Obviously, I have experienced most of these conditions and can relate to the challenges.  I am proud to say that in spite of it all, I feel that I am "rocking my ages" as I continue to age through my forties, fifties, sixties, and am now in my seventies. I trust the blogs will continue to benefit all in its representation of mature fashion over forty, fashion over fifty, etc.  I know it has already helped me just in sharing the knowledge with you and in challenging my own boundaries when styling the fashions.

Happy Styling...........Geneva

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mature Fashion: Rocking "Granny"

Good Evening Stylinistas:

I am actually releasing three posts today because I am anxious to get Fall 2015 styling combinations into the blog before I begin Spring 2016 which I should be working on now. 

To the left is my blogger role uniform of the day, representative of most of the days I work at home or when I work at the patio store knowing I will need a more sturdy working wardrobe. I am wearing the striped jeans with a wine colored scoop neck long sleeved Hanes tee shirt.  I am wearing the bronze quilted vest because I did a little pruning in my patio this morning and it was chilly.  (fall, finally!!).  I am wearing "comfort" SAS loafers and brown bucket bag (not shown) that work nicely with the prevailing fashion trend. A simple chain necklace, wedding band, and slightly dangling over/under silver earrings complete the ensemble.

The picture below was taken at the counter of the store yesterday. (I work part time at American Leisure Patio, a high quality full service patio furniture store).

For some reason the necklace is not visible (it must have worked its way under the collar).  I wore a good quality pair of black stretch jeans and a silky long sleeve turtleneck along with black Dansko professional clogs. In addition to the necklace, a simple silver cylinder suspended from a white gold chain, I also wore circular silver earrings and rings on three fingers of my left hand, adding to the "Boho" influence.

As you can see, I am wearing the Boho flavored black and white cardigan shown in my "rocking Boho" release on "" .  You can also view today's release of "Rocking Granny" and "Rocking Leather" at the same blogsite.... I have also released "step 3" of creating a rocking wardrobe for the roles fo your personal life style.  You may view all three steps on "".  Have a great evening, and Happy Styling.......Geneva

Mature Fashion: Rocking Leather

Good Day, Stylinistas...

Today my post is all about rocking leather.  It is my belief that no matter what our lifestyle or our age, we can make the leather look "rock'.  There are also many excellent faux leather choices for those of us who do not wish to wear actual animal skins and in many artificial colors for those who wish to make it clear they do not wear leather.  In any event, faux or natural, we can look amazing.  I have released the styles I have assembled for my personal style choices and will wear this fall on" " for those of you who wish to see more examples.

The picture on your left shows an ensemble I just wore this week.  I was able to wear the 7/8 length coat during the chilly morning and evening, but it was too warm during the day.  The pony print over blouse has elbow length sleeves but its light "feel" was appropriate for our still summertime weather. The Crome Hearts purse (dagger design, no less!) lends a slightly edgy vibe endorsing the "leathers" motif, the kitten heeled Munro ankle boots give a nod to the seasons's favored style, and the accessories are minimal in the single Navajo pendent worn with silver over and under slightly dangling earrings.  I wore simple double silver bands on two adjacent fingers next to my wedding ring. For more examples, click on "".......Happy styling!! and have a great day.........Geneva

Monday, October 19, 2015

Mature Fashion: Rocking Lolita

Hello Stylinistas...

I mentioned in my last post that I expanded my own fashion horizons a bit when styling some Boho and Lolita looks.  I really began noticing some really great pieces on the market that worked wonderfully with my closet and could not resist this wonderful wrap.  I am so pleased with the results.  I am already benefiting from the displays I am creating for this blog!!  The wrap purchase had the added benefit of a great sale price.  I wore it with the minimalistic combination shown below and in the lower left hand corner. The lower picture is the addition of a selection of silver rings and earrings.

You may have noticed that I am exercising some of the photography capabilities to better display the fashion examples we have been discussing. I will continue to improve the photography in the future as I continue to explore my existing technologies (and the help of a very good friend who showed me the basics).  

I have completed the styling examples from my closet for Lolita; you can view them on "".  I had a lot of fun when styling combinations for myself that are a bit outside of my own fashion aesthetic.  

Thank goodness the weather is finally cooling down a bit in this part of the country (although it is still reaching temperatures in the high 70's and low 80's).  I have found it necessary to wear a sweater or light blazer on mornings and evenings.  I can now consider trying on wool, cashmere, etc.  The final fashion division for fall includes these materials and I have saved the styling for last.  Next week I will release my personal wardrobe selections for this seasons preppy look and will soon demonstrate my interpretations of " Bedford Avenue Granny", the last unstyled catagory of 2015 Fall fashion from the February New York Fashion Week runway. ( These were the three fashion types I had not addressed for myself-) I will show additional styled interpretations of "Goth Girl", "Fashion Nun", and "21st Century Mod" in future postings.  You have already seen some in the color combinations, the rocking animal prints, rocking leather, and rocking stripes. (not all of these are posted).

Its the little things:

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, moving an outfit from 'alright' to "rocking" can almost always be achieved by applying appropriate attention to detail.  In this ensemble I have kept the accessories very simple because the striped detail on the top combined with the embellishments and pattern on the wrap combined with any statement jewelry could destroy the look of casual elegance I want in my clothing choices.  I chose to wear a structured purse and plain navy suede medium heeled boots to continue the look of simplicity. 

For those of you who are interested in learning more about how to accentuate and flatter (and identify) your figure type, I am also creating another sub-blog called 'rockmyfigure' to assist in choosing style combinations that will have you "rocking your age".

Although I am finishing the styling assignment I set for myself in Bedford Avenue Granny, I am also keeping a sharp eye out for my 2016 fashion requirements.  I will soon be posting my closet adaptations to the trends and fashions of the 2016 Spring/Summer fashion shows.

Happy Styling.........Geneva

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mature Fashion: Launching "Rock My Role"

Hello Stylinistas............

In today's post I discussed the first step a stylinista must take in creating an effective wardrobe; the quantifying of the roles she must take into consideration and the time spent in each role. ( You can get this information as to how one does this on "" )

I was also thrilled to receive a very nice compliment on the post "Rocking the Casual Role" from the website of "The Style Crone ", Ms. Judith Boyd. (Isn't that a fantastic name for an extremely stylish woman in her 70's?") Ms. Boyd exemplifies every thing I love to see in the aging woman. She realizes it is not about looking young; it is about LOOKING GOOD!!  ...She looks good and really knows how to  "Rock Her Age". 

I have also received at least one comment (and a phone call or two) regarding the quality of the pictures on my blog sites.  I know there is much room for improvement in showing the detail and clarity of the pictures and that will be corrected as soon as I am able to determine how to effectively use the timed shot feature. (I'm not much of a photographer). Until then you will usually see me with the phone in my hand and concentration on my face from trying to get the best shot.  I do not plan on using professional models or photographers to demonstrate the styling. The quality I want will come to pass but it will take time. (I worked for a company who had an informal motto of "Make it, Make it Work, Make it Work Right".  I have followed this philosophy for much of my life proving that this motto usually works.) In the mean time, please bear with me.

I will soon be posting on ""  "rocking leather" (a trend) this weekend, and the fall 2015 runway fashion "rocking Lolita", soon thereafter.

I will also begin my salutations in most of my blogs and posts with "sylinistas" because the blogs refer to the art of creating real style as opposed to "fashionista" which merely refers to buying whatever is in fashion.  (I think T.J. Maxx created the word). The entire "Rock My.." series is based on the principle that style is a package, not just fashion.

By the way, while launching these blogs I am also performing my own planning for Spring/Summer 2016.   (See "Rocking Thursday" ). We will discuss these themes later.

Happy Styling........Geneva

Monday, October 12, 2015

Mature Fashion: Rocking the Casual Role

Good Morning, Stylinistas;

Well, Monday is here again, and it is time to prepare for my traditional role of the day.  On Mondays I usually have some housework.  I almost always have to do some light grocery shopping or other incidental errands. (I'm sure most of you have somewhat similar situations because Monday usually is the beginning of the work week for ourselves, our families, and society in general).

As with most of us, habit and practice determines the wardrobe for the day; interestingly enough, I had just styled some wardrobe items for the Boho look for the mature woman, and knew exactly what I would wear for this role. It was the perfect choice to demonstrate how simple it can be to "rock" ordinary and practical clothing with little or no effort or use of time.  Here I am in my casual domestic working role.

I have on the same cotton long eggplant embroidered shirt and cotton jeans in both pictures.  The only makeup routine for each is my usual quick face wash, sun protection, shaping of eyebrows, lip color, and a light brush of mascara.  My hair is and held in place with a self made crocheted multi-colored headband.  I have no jewelry on except a small pair of plain silver huggie hoop earrings; the shoes are practical SAS plum loafer style "comfort" shoes.  I can comfortably perform any chore totally unhampered by my clothing; the materials practical and utilitarian.

I do have three "must" do errands today; a lab appointment for some blood work washing and filling the gas tank on my car, and a trip to the grocery store. As you can see, I only made a quick change of shoes to eggplant crocodile heels, added a rocker fedora hat in plum/black print, and tied a long ethnic print scarf around my neck.  I added a ring and watch and carried the camel colored handbag from yesterday.  It took me less than five minutes to make the wardrobe change.  It take me no longer to change back in work mode when I return.
Soon I will posting to my new blog "" to demonstrate how effortless it can be to make these quick wardrobe changes.........Happy Styling....Geneva

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mature Fashion: Rocking Boho

Hello Stylinistas....
Well, I put my house back in order on Friday and had a little time left over to do a little scouting for two items I knew I did not have in my closets that I thought would work well for my boho interpretations. I am really excited to be writing today's post; it combines three of my favorite subjects; shopping in my closet, purchasing trendy items  at  bargain prices, and exploring/refining/extending my own wardrobe fashion possibilities to "rock my age".

I think of Bohemian (Boho) fashion as gypsy, "hippy", craftsy fashion and fondly remember my Gunne Sax dresses (I even made one), Birkenstock sandals, suede fabrics, long skirts, etc. After pondering what I might be able to use to style an updated version of this image without producing a "costume", I began my shopping (as I usually do) in my closet.  

I knew I had some sweaters, hats, etc. that could be used to create a restrained boho interpretation.  I would have to purchase a few items to create the impression I wanted, but I certainly did not wish to spend very much money on items I knew I might not use very often. I also knew this look could easily become too literal. I looked forward to  the challenge.  I am pleased to say that I spent only sixty dollars to complete an entire boho wardrobe.  Visit for some examples of my own own personal "Boho"  style.

The look to the left is my first ensemble.  I used an existing long hippy print sleeveless summer dress with a slit to the knee (something I put on after a shower in the summer) topped with a elbow length sleeve black polyester turtleneck, layered with a duster length vest (purchased for $27.00-half my budget) trimmed at armholes with faux leather.  I accessorized with black over/under earrings, Indiana Jones black wool hat, black hose, and black heeled ankle boots, black leather hobo purse, a black leather bracelet, and over/under black post earrings.  

If you are a natural boho, this will be your season to shine, or if not, you  might want to unleash your inner "Boho".  I hope gives you some inspiration.

 Happy styling...........Geneva

Friday, October 9, 2015

Rocking Thursday

Hello Stylinistas;  

During my great grandson's stay with me, I kept remembering the phrase "there is a reason why a woman should have her children when she is young.."  I believe I am in pretty good condition for a woman my age, however, I really do not think I could be a full time mother anymore.  After Jace and his mother left I began picking up my house, cleaning spots and smears left by sticky little hands, and generally preparing for a whole day of cleaning after his visit.  (I am not anal about every little bit of dust, etc., however, I like my home to present the same appearance as I do.)  If I do the general picking up now, I won't be overwhelmed tomorrow. (yes!! it IS that bad).

I realized how good this blog has been for me during the short time I have been blogging, and how helpful it will be in the future; one of the reasons I began the blog was to help me refine my styling techniques and gain new knowledge. This purpose has already begun to show results by making me push my fashion boundaries. 

Every fashion season several business entities are seriously discussing the fashion trends, etc. to expect from the upcoming seasons; I'm sure you realize some predictions are made a year or two in advance.  (For example, the Wall Street Journal has already categorized six major fashion types for spring 2016 and given them titles. (We will discuss these later this season). Magic, (according to it) the world's largest fashion marketplace, holds a semi-annual convention in Las Vegas (sister one "Project"is held in New York) every February and August where they also give different titles to the trends.  This practice is followed by several fashion prediction sources.  For fall 2015,  six names of the trends I kept for my own stylinista information were  "Bedford Avenue Granny", "Goth Girl", "Forever Boho", "Fashion Nun", "Lolita", and "21st Century Mod".  

Here is where all that information becomes relevant to the blog extending my horizons:  My personal style aesthetic automatically nixed the "Lolita", "Bedford Avenue Granny", and "Forever Boho".  As you can see from my photo, "Lolita" fashions could be downright laughable on me; "Bedford Avenue Granny" could certainly underscore the granny, and remembering the seventies, "Forever Boho" would likely not be a wise fashion choice for my shortish roundish mature figure .  

I have already posted some of the catagory combinations that I qualified on my blog "".  You can see subtle interpretations of "Goth Girl" in some of my leather combinations, the minimalism in "Fashion Nun" and "21 Century Mod."

While planning my next posting, I realized that this blog would not deal with readers who were all my figure type; all women over forty, yes, but we come in all figures types and of several decades.  Women who are in their forties who know how to show their figure type to advantage may do quite well in interpretations of "Lolita"; ( I haven't figured out how a woman my age could rock "Lolita yet, but I have just started thinking about the challenge.) Women with different figure types no matter their age could rock any of the remaining trends, depending upon their choices.

I also noticed from all these photos I have taken that my style aesthetic was getting a little too predictable.  (Mirrors and "selfies" can be your best friend) I know that the concept of a uniform is very acceptable to many stylists and their customers, however, I want a little more excitement out of my closet and to keep my look fresh even though I am a mature woman. (I want to "rock my age(s)"). 

Well, this realization presented me with a challenge:  How can I successfully style these three trends and flatter my own figure type, age, and lifestyle? Check "" on Sunday and see what I have already put together using mostly all items from my existing wardrobe (I do have an item or two I have spotted while I have shopped that I want to check out).

After this view, I would love to hear from you on suggestions appropriate for a vertically challenged, barrel/apple type figure with a small frame..(and 70+).  I am going to explore possibilities of the two remaining style trends.  Of course, I will only interpret the styles in a way that is flattering (in my opinion) to my specific body type and my aesthetic, I will never wear something that I do not like or that I do not think is flattering to me no matter how fashionable.  I am absolutely thrilled with pushing my own style boundaries.....I would welcome any input all you "boho" fashionistas.  After all, this is just the 70's revisited.  What are you doing to make this trend fresh and suitable for you now?...Happy styling, stylinistas...especially boho fashionistas....Geneva

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Rocking Wednesday

Hello Stylinistas;

I haven't had much time for input of fashion tips this week; as I mentioned in an earlier posting, I am on babysitting duty most of this week. In yesterday's post I mentioned the 'wardrobe' selections I made for that role; As you will see from today's photos, I had to use an alternate based on the needs of a very active little boy! Now to dress Jace...

I had to make an unexpected trip to the grocery store today so I just threw this black cloche style hat on.  I had changed the pants earlier because of an 'accident'.
I was ready to go instantly because I had already put on my minimum cosmetics before I got dressed. (Every day when I rinse my face, I apply moisturizer, sunscreen, eyebrow pencil, and a 24 hour variety lip color.)  This routine, along with running a comb through my hair, assures me I can face any unexpected occurrence without feeling under-dressed.  (Experience has taught me that this little precaution pays off.  I swear, almost every time I do not do this, I have an unexpected visit to my door before I am fit to be seen!!)

Jace and I have one more day together before his mother comes home.  I actually can get one more days wear out of this shirt (we have to plan our laundry carefully here...we are in a serious drought), and thankfully, I have one more pair of printed pants that will be appropriate; those red and black snakeskin narrow jeans will work beautifully with all the same accessories which will save valuable time.  Happy styling.......Geneva

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rocking Tuesday

Hello stylinistas; my role for today (and the next two days) is full time care-giver to Jace.  Obviously my wardrobe will be confined to clothing that will withstand the rigors of child care. 

For today I chose rugged black cotton jeans with a heavy floral rose pattern in deep green leaves,  pinkish gold small roses, and pinkish red small roses. I chose a black cotton overblouse with an openwork embroidered neckline and sleeve, both cool and comfortable for this chilly morning/hot afternoon weather we are having.  I will change the pants for another black and blue Indian print should(when) they become soiled and substitute a deep green cotton long sleeved v-neck top if the black overblouse is soiled.  I will use the same handbag and these black loafer shoes should I need to run an errand.  Hopefully, this combination will hold me over until my  grand-daughter returns.  I will only wear plain silver button post earrings and a plain wide band on my fingers. ...Have a great day, and happy styling.

Rocking Monday

Today's role has the following scenes:  Coloring my hair, having lunch with a friend I have not seen for some time, some clothes shopping (I am having my great-grandson for a few days while my grand-daughter is on a business/pleasure trip for a few days.)   As usual, I mentally selected the outfit I would wear last night before bedtime.

I selected a slim pair of high quality black polyester jean type pants (elastic waist), a black scoop neck camisole to be worn under a multi-patterned multi-colored arabesque type washable print with some irregularly placed smooth beading.  I accessorized with black under/over earrings, a simple black large faced Movado watch, plain wide ring, low sculpted heel black leather ankle boots, black satchel type handbag with heavy silver hardware.

I used this rationale for selecting my 'wardrobe': The outfit was dressy enough for lunch is a nice restaurant, comfortable enough when both sitting and shopping, and functional enough to do the type of cooking and household chores I would do while waiting for Jace (great-grandson) to arrive. It was also sturdy enough to withstand potential baby mess (17 months old), and sleek enough to prevent hurting the small child when handling him.  What is your role today?

Happy styling....Geneva

Monday, October 5, 2015

Rocking a Role

Have you seen the ad where Jamie Lee Curtis portrays a woman preparing for her day by doing her morning exercise routine, visiting 'wardrobe', then eating her breakfast yogurt?  

After all, we dress for an interview, a first date, meeting in-laws for the first time, etc., etc., always taking note that we want to make a good impression for that event. All too often I think we forget that everywhere and everytime we are making some sort of an impression on people who we teach, depend upon, or have social contact.  This is important whether or not we know the person well or are meeting them for the first time. 

How confident we feel within this role depends a great deal upon how we perceive ourselves, and how we believe others perceive us.  Our appearance is all too often the only clue an observer has as to what we feel about ourselves. Whether this opinion is right or wrong, many psychological studies have revealed that an opinion of us is made in only a few seconds after one meets someone for the first time.  More significantly, an instant negative impression is often difficult to change. (for those interested, read the book "Blink," the Art of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell).

(I, apparently like Ms. Curtis, have always felt the art of a woman dressing for the day should be viewed as dressing for her stage or screen role. (Even Shakespeare said "All the world's a stage and each must play its part".) I dress at all times (i.e., as much as possible ) for the possibility I may unexpectedly encounter someone. 

I always begin my day in my pajamas.  I always wear flannel or cotton pajama bottoms with a tee shirt. I find this sleepwear is comfortable, convenient, warm enough, and allows me to look presentable to all until I get dressed. (I usually will slip on a bra, comb my hair, and rinse my face immediately upon arising).  I wear simple house thongs for my feet, and if it is chilly add a utility cardigan sweater or slippers.  This is my uniform until I do early chores such as eating breakfast, making the bed, and caring for my animals.  After those chores I then put on the clothes I plan to wear for my daily "role"

Today my role is to clean house, go to the post office and mail a package, and make a quick trip to the ATM.
My costume for the day is a character transparent cotton overshirt worn over a dark red short sleeved tee cotton shirt, black cotton jeans, and crocodile loafers. I put these on and perform my basic cosmetics routine immediately after doing my breakfast dishes. This combination will carry me through the day and all my chores.  I put on a pair of black over and under earrings as my only jewelry. (Earrings never interfere with chores).   I will wear this with a red leather purse and possibly add a ring.  (All of these articles were chosen the night before; getting dressed as soon as possible gets me into the role immediately)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Mature Fashion: Rocking Animal Prints

Rocking Animal  Prints

Hello fellow fashion stylnistas..

Today's subject for rocking my ages will deal with two things; rocking animal prints in my fall styling wardrobe, and secondly the creation of a new blog called 'Rock My Runwaay' ( where you can view the clothing combinations using our discussed styles.  This week discusses animal prints.(the pictures are taking up too much space for this blog that deals with all aspects of "rocking our ages".)

I love animal prints; there are so many ways you can use these interesting prints to combine combinations that work wonderfully with your classics. They fade in and out of fashion in much the same manner skirt and pant leg shapes do, but they always come back. For those of you who feel that one should not wear them because it encourages killing animals there are several excellent faux prints and in many colors; after all, when is the last time you saw a hot pink or acid green leopard?

Although animal prints have been widely used during these past few seasons, I have only made my important animal print purchases (shoes, purses, pants, a blouse or two) in natural colors because I believe the lime greens, fuchsia, teal, etc. are passing fancies and not really in my fashion aesthetic. I also use them sparingly (usually). It is my belief that this pattern can be over-used too easily in an outfit, diminishing elegance and dating the style.  I do believe the prints will fade in and out as typical with most fashion phases. Each style cycle will be re-interpreted to become a fresh new fashion. I am having fun with this seasons interpretations, especially the grey snakeskin pattern.  The shoes, purse, and pants I purchased for this season were all snakeskin.

Check out for some of my personal animal print combinations. I look forward to reading about your styling combinations.

Happy Styling...........Geneva