Saturday, October 29, 2016

Mature Fashion: Getting Ready for Winter

Well, Fall does seem to have officially "fell"; after two more days of blistering Indian Summer, we had two days of mild but breezy weather, and finally today is overcast and gloomy.

I am so glad that I was able to finish washing down the cushions and getting the shrubbery clipped before the rains (desperately needed).  I had a yard full of them and it took two days to wash them down properly and dry them before I could put them in storage for the winter.

We then started trimming all the dead wood from the row of shrubs along the house; so much of it had died with the harsh heat and the limited water allowance for outside landscaping.  Hopefully, we will get a lot of rain this fall, winter, and spring.

For storing the dried cushions and putting out the clippings for tomorrows re-cycling pickup, I am wearing a pair of my favorite Cherokee floral printed jeans (Tar-Jay, I believe), and a Faded Glory long sleeved tee (Wal-Mart).  My floral print sneakers are City Sneaks, and the floral scarf is hand made by me using a wonderful silk print I found at Britex in San Francisco, all  just perfect for this outside work( I tucked the edges in while working.

You can see how much dead wood had to be cut away to re-generate growth.  The handyman did the actual pruning as I am vertically challenged (and the pruning a little too difficult for my rotator cuff challenges), however, I added working gloves to my outfit and did the pick-up of dead wood, and of course, the sweeping.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mature Fashion: :"No Fear Of Fashion"; A seriously great blog..

Well, today "RockMyAges" is writing about a fashion and lifestyle  blog "," written by Greetje Kamminga, a Dutch website that fully demonstrates the principles of women of a certain age rocking that age with style and a great sense of fun.

"" is a website I discovered and have been following for several weeks that I believe all mature fashion followers will want to follow, (if you don't already).  I am so enthusiastic about the site because Greetje (the only author) projects so very well the view that I have of a woman who "rocks age."  She exudes classic style with a fresh approach and a light and relaxed sense of current fashion in the outfits she wears.  I have been so impressed with the suitability of her fashion sense for my particular target audience; that of mature women who live somewhat average lives  and realize that life is not over when you reach the "golden years".

I also discovered "brocante", a new word to me; a "flea market", to most of us here in the USA. I have always wanted to go to the French flea markets but the timing has never been right for me.  Greetje's site is filled with delightful photographs (taken, I believe by her significant other) of these secondhand treasures (many of them appear to be costly vintage).  In every photograph of her and her seemingly extensive circle of friends, she effortlessly exhibits great personal style while demonstrating a woman can be both stylish while being comfortable. (Although, Danish in origin, not Dutch, Dansko, and American made SAS, Munro, Cole Haan, Brighton, etc.  have been worn for years by stylish equestrian, medical personnel, etc., and other career professionals who are on their feet a lot.)

I have saved several of Greetje's fashions to a board in my Pinterest account (NoFearFashion) because I have wanted to use her as a model for styling principles when discussing her body type and how she uses design to make the most of hers. I am petite at 5'2" inches and weight 130 at this time (I'm still working on that last 5 lbs; the good news is I have lost 4 pounds since the first of the year!) She, like me, tends to use herself in most of the photographs..(although, hint, hint, her friends are not too shy to be used in photos).

I also want to re-emphasize her use of comfort as well as style; any woman can still send the message that she cares about her public appearance yet be comfortable. Public appearance is all about respect, both self respect and respect to the environment in which they  are in; appropriateness is still a foundation principle of good manners. (DO many of our population really remember anything about manners....if they were ever taught any?)

I might point out that Greetje made an observation on her last trip to Paris as to how so many Europeans could spot most American tourists easily. Unfortunate, but true, these observations are based on lack of respect by the tourists for their host environment. Europeans do not treat their restaurants, museums, churches, etc. as locales appropriate for tennis shoes and t-shirts, or even observe such gestures as removing a cap in church; something every male should have learned as a boy.  Having traveled on several tours, etc. in Europe, I do know this is unfortunately true.

Obviously, this is not true of every American woman, but it is all too often true.  I have personally seen too many overweight women wearing shorts, tennis shoes, a baggy sweater tied around the waist, and a sloppy hat or cap.  Usually, these are the same people who complain about the "rudeness" of the (fill in the blanks...., etc.)  Also, the same who complain because there is not a coffee pot in their room (who SAYS coffee pots are supposed to be in ANY bedroom because Motel "6" offers it!!)  I have never been treated with anything but respect and consideration by the locals on any trip I have taken...but then I respect that I am a guest in another country and am not entitled to any special consideration other than that of a visitor. 

Anyway, this Dutch lady seems to really have it together on effortless but stylish dressing;  I already have a fair idea of how successfully she rocks her age.  I believe she is about nine years younger than I am, that she is self disciplined but not compulsive, has multiple interests, and is enjoying her life immensely.  I don't know her background, but I do know she understands design principles such as balance, proportion, color, textures, etc.  I also observe she knows how to use it to flatter her face, figure, and lifestyle; a really great role model.  She also publishes a delightful cyber site.  She has generously shared with me some advice to make the "RockMy.." sites better (I am a strong believer in continuous improvement!!)
I will be posting more about this on .

As always, I stress that the way a woman chooses to dress sends a message to everyone she meets; that message is non-verbal, as is +90% of all communication.  I believe in choosing my messages wisely.

To change the subject, yesterday was an errand day (car maintenance, some shopping,etc).  The weather was both chilly and hot, depending upon the time of day. I chose to wear my subdued shiny gold leather pants with the monochromatic Munro crossed vamp flats, a beige crocheted lace edged tank top, a St. John Santana  beige knit sweater jacket militarily trimmed in mid-nite blue.  Because so much beige close to my face would make me too sallow, I chose a heavy multi-colored agate necklace to wear between my face and jacket.  I further accessorized (a bit of my titled "steampunk circus"  look ) with a Don and Ed Hardy fantasy trimmed belt ...sorry, too far away in the picture for much detail....... I chose the Fossil bucket bag to compliment the colors of the necklaces.  

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Mature Fashion: Styling Serendipity

Sandals in October? bet!!, 92 degrees when taken
A light bulb flashed over my head while I have been researching the fashion doll market for reviving Lord Perry Patterns...I have enjoyed this year of working with the style blogs although I plan on limiting them as I posted in my last blog.  I am a bit excited about working with the fashion dolls again as possibly a supplement to my retirement income, etc. as well as designing the new patterns, etc.  I am not sure yet if that will work out because the doll market is not what it used to be  (If that does not work out, it will at least be a hobby I enjoy!!).

Within my research I discovered that Mattel's Barbie has not only added dolls with a more realistic waistline, etc., they have actually added different body types!! a stylist and designer for the doll clothing, this will allow me to combine both hobbies.

I bought one of Mattel's "Curvy" Fashionista Barbies this morning;  I have had a great deal of fun choosing some fabrics and designing a modern pattern that will show this figure to advantage.  I may extend this hobby to designing the perfect "closet collection" for this doll.

It is always fun designing for the fashion dolls with the perfect figure (same as professional designers and their models with the figures who can wear absolutely anything and look great), however, having some fashion dolls with figure challenges is not only more realistic, it is certainly more challenging..  I think I am going to like this new "role".

Monday, October 10, 2016

Mature Fashion:Remembering the Goal

Although Oct, is it 88 degrees!!
Well, I certainly am BUSY!!  I am not quite sure yet whether all that I am doing is "Rocking My Ages" but I certainly do not have time to be bored nor to feel that I am losing my grip!! 

You every have one of those weeks where almost everything seems to go wrong?  I have actually had three in a row!   Hopefully, it won't continue through the month!!
First, a plumbing leak with a fix that costs over $100.00(plus parts), then a vacuum  injury that cannot seem to be fixed for less than $179.00 (??!! I can buy a new one for less than that!!), my cat scratched a hole in my screen door, (cost as yet unknown); then an apparent brake job that I have to have on my car, also cost unknown!! All this on a fixed retirement income. ARGHHHH...wish me luck.

I mentioned I am re-entering the fashion doll pattern business that I have owned since 1994 but has been in hibernation for the last several years;  I have created a web site ( and will sell the patterns by mail order for those who are interested.  Although I have done doll shows in the past, I doubt I will do more than one or two a year.  It is simply too much physical effort to do that kind of traveling, set up, and dismantle.

I also maintain the five blogs regarding mature fashion, fitness, and styling.  Each of these will slowly become inactive as I have reached my own goal of setting a rhythm to my personal styling efforts;  I have, however, failed to reach the interaction I originally planned when I began the blogs.  I haven't figured it all out yet, but I will. I will be posting less frequently to all of the blogs, and probably will end up with just this one; after all, it is all about "Rocking Age".

I am also actively involved now in the local homeowners association and some of the activities offered in the club house (jewelry making, exercise class, etc.).  I really am beginning to spread myself a bit too thin and, as I titled this post, I must remember what I am trying to achieve.  Fortunately, I do understand priorities better these days, and am going to back off a bit. 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mature Fashion: Rocking the Role

I have been asked a few times why I title my posts "mature fashion".  Although it is true that a certain age does not convey "maturity", and it is clear that this blog primarily addresses the concerns of people who are past the first blush of youth, it is meant for the "mature" woman, no matter what her age.  This blog is all about using the very important tools of image and fashion to send a positive message of pleasant maturity.  It is all about encouraging an older woman to feel wonderful about herself and secure in the fact that she is sending that message to the world; it is all about "Rocking age", no matter what the date of her birth.

As you know from previous posts, I have been adjusting to the different roles in this latest phase of my life.  It is uncertain that I will ever re-enter the 8 to 5 (or whatever scheduled hours) of the conventional work world.  One thing is for certain, I am not ready to "retire" to an existence of sweat pants, keeping track of who has the cleanest house on the block, coffee and cake gossip meets, the current aches and pains of the ladies circle, or the latest escapades (and competition) of grandchildren. Although any and all of those concerns may (or may not) be significant, it does not allow me to keep an expanded horizon; to use a phrase from one of my favorite bloggers I am "Not Dead Yet"!! Hopefully, my endeavors to once again "re-invent" myself for new roles that will serve me well in this latest phase of my life.

To begin this re-invention, I have joined the nominating committee of our local Homeowner Association; hopefully, I will get to know more of the people in the park, what the concerns are, and be able to contribute a bit to the community.  I am also in the process of re-vitalizing my mail order fashion doll business (Lord Perry Patterns -specializing in historical and special occasion patterns for 11 1/2 and for 16" inch fashion dolls such as the ever popular Barbie and Robert Tonner dolls such as Tyler Wentworth, etc.) that I began in 1994. I actually planned on that business becoming my retirement job back when I was a young 53 years old. 

This business was "put on hold" since 1997 because of family concerns that did not permit the necessary time for the business.  Because of that and return to my professional consulting job I did not have the time.   I attempted to return to the mail order business in 2011 but was unable to do so because of medical issues, (brain surgery, no less!)  moving, and other family issues as well as working part time in the retail furniture business that I enjoyed. 

Having interests that expand my life help me to "Rockmyage"; using fashion and style help me feel I am sending my message and help me achieve my goals in whatever endeavor I pursue.