Saturday, October 29, 2016

Mature Fashion: Getting Ready for Winter

Well, Fall does seem to have officially "fell"; after two more days of blistering Indian Summer, we had two days of mild but breezy weather, and finally today is overcast and gloomy.

I am so glad that I was able to finish washing down the cushions and getting the shrubbery clipped before the rains (desperately needed).  I had a yard full of them and it took two days to wash them down properly and dry them before I could put them in storage for the winter.

We then started trimming all the dead wood from the row of shrubs along the house; so much of it had died with the harsh heat and the limited water allowance for outside landscaping.  Hopefully, we will get a lot of rain this fall, winter, and spring.

For storing the dried cushions and putting out the clippings for tomorrows re-cycling pickup, I am wearing a pair of my favorite Cherokee floral printed jeans (Tar-Jay, I believe), and a Faded Glory long sleeved tee (Wal-Mart).  My floral print sneakers are City Sneaks, and the floral scarf is hand made by me using a wonderful silk print I found at Britex in San Francisco, all  just perfect for this outside work( I tucked the edges in while working.

You can see how much dead wood had to be cut away to re-generate growth.  The handyman did the actual pruning as I am vertically challenged (and the pruning a little too difficult for my rotator cuff challenges), however, I added working gloves to my outfit and did the pick-up of dead wood, and of course, the sweeping.

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