Friday, January 22, 2016

Mature Fashion: Pre-Fall 2016

Greetings Stylinistas;

The holidays just got over and it is literally still freezing some nights; spring has not yet spring, and here I am talking about what is in fashion for Fall/winter 2016, but that is the fashion industry ! As stylinistas wanting to freshen our fashion looks for each season while keeping control of our budget, it serves us well to know what is in store as soon as possible. Here are some trends that have been showing on the Pre-fall runways:

Neckties:  Think "Dress for Success" little skinny ties, often in a droopy tied ribbon or just fluttering around the neckline, somewhat like a seamstress's measuring tape.

Graphic coats; coats with large appliques, especially leather coats with appliqued leather botanicals and other graphic themes.  Bold, bright designs, similar to school room drawings.
Butterfly design expected to be seen everywhere.

Quilted coats:  Anything quilted; jackets, especially in leather, coats, skirts, etc. Mixed animal prints, leopard and tiger combined.

Transparence : the see-through look continues with a updated l lingerie feel with lots of bedroom type lace, silky, lush materials broken by large transparent areas. Transparent black tights with patterns, especially ones that have patterns below the knee only.

Unisex dressing:  As mentioned in previous posts; the difference between a trend and a fad deals with time.  The trend to wearing garments that are worn by both men and women.

Stark minimalism-Many looks on the runway show this trend is also continuing; minimal shapes with few lines, but where the lines are, colors and bold and contrast decidedly with the main garment.

Nautical look carries over from S/S 2016; very masculine look.

..Just a "heads up for the garment design expectations for the F/W 2016/17 runway shows at Fashion Week in February.......


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