Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mature Fashion: Why Four "Rockmy" Blogs

Varied shades of plum work uniform

Greetings, Stylinistas/Fashionistas:

I finally put my Christmas decorations away for the year and thought I could concentrate on completing a few projects before I had to return to work.  Due to the unexpected demise of a co-worker and conflicting vacations of two full time employees, I had to return to my sales associate role at American Leisure Patio earlier than expected.

Before I get back in the swing of things on posting to the blogs, I want to address a few questions as to why I have four different blogs instead of just posting everything to one as I had originally planned. I soon realized as I began posting that my overall mantra "You feel good if you look good" was a bit to broad in the hows and whys to accomplish that goal. Also, a goal  of the blog was to become an online journal of fashion self expression.  It was to be a vehicle of sharing with like minded Stylinistas and Fashionistas ways and means to accomplish the goal.  I realized one blog would be too hard to manage and cover all the important subject matter.  I separated the areas of styling into four focused areas.

Rockmyages is meant to address the all around issues that deal with women aging with confidence and acceptance of our place in the world at this time.  The focus of the blog is mostly on how our appearance  affects our interaction with people in all the roles of our lives, all the time, every day. It is not a vanity blog; its entire purpose is to use these tools (our appearance and self confidence) to promote our emotional and physical health, and to simply have some fun, which in itself promotes our well being. The blog is eclectic; for the time being it is mostly informative as to what is going on in the other blogs which are slowly being built. The basic personal mantra is "You feel good if you look good". The subject matter will range from the unique problems to which a woman over 40 must adapt and explore exciting things and advantages a mature and confident aging woman can enjoy based on the limits of her physical capabilities and enhanced by her physical appearance.

The premise of Rockmyrole is that each of us play many roles in a stage play called "My lifestyle". is more or less a blueprint of how to authoritatively portray those parts and to maintain a wardrobe of costumes that allows us to project the image we desire in those roles. In addition to designing and purchasing the costumes for the appropriate roles, fashion styling includes make-up and hair styles that compliment the role. Fashion tips in this arena are also shared on the blog. This blog also demonstrates the whys and hows of creating all this authenticity within the budget of our production.  Many of our tips are based on the less expensive ways to accomplish the task. Many of the posts are being created and the information prepared will remain a resource for the reader.  This blog will not post as frequently after the structure is created (like building a house, then maintaining it). is simply an on-line style book that is shared to illustrate the fashion combinations I use to create the costumes in "My Lifestyle" and to demonstrate how these costumes are created in the prevailing fashion world. The roles of the play are those of a mature woman who desires to have costumes that will contribute to her enjoyment and the credibility of her roles; Posts will be intermittent and seasonal. is all about feeling good enough to want to play these parts.  Its mantra is "if you don't feel good you won't look good".  It is dedicated to sharing information about physical appearance. (no medical advice; I am not a doctor or a nurse. I am just a well read older woman who has a deep interest in the psychology of looking good! Anything I share is either anecdotal, personal experience or gleaned from  articles  read in quoted literature, or from a quoted source on-line or PBS)  I try to quote any authority when possible, but much of the material is alreadh known to the reader. I try and present a fresh approach and give tips as to how to incorporate your own practicioner's medical advice into your roles.  The blog basically addresses diet, exercise, skin care, sleep, and homeopathic stress reduction.  This blog will be updated every time I encounter something I think should be shared with a reader of a fashion blog for mature women, both as an information resource and a reminder, most of all to myself. 

Each blog also serves as a personal diary that encourages me to "rockmyage".  I hope  it also brings some benefit to you, the reader. I also want to benefit from your feedback.  All of the blogs solicit the sharing of additional information. The purpose for me in creating the blog aside from the sharing of information was to glean new and different ideas.  I want to learn from my readers as much as possible.  Together let us all make 2016 "Rock".

Happy New Year,

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