Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mature Fashion: Rockin' is as Rockin' Does

Worn with black fedora (cover hair when out and about
to get haircut)
Good Morning;

It has been said that the very act of writing an intention down is the first step to fulfilling that intention; an idea that I have certainly come to believe as fact.  I have found that I am more conscious of my diet, my daily physical routines, going to bed on time, and how I am generally handling the daily routines of my life.  This has been especially helpful because when I am not working at a job, I tend to be a bit more erratic in scheduling duties, etc. I am not saying every woman should begin a blog, but I do believe some recording of daily accomplishments and achievements is helpful to the psyche. I especially believe it is important for we older folk who sometimes feel a bit disgruntled about not feeling or looking as well as we believed we once did. I know it has really helped me.

I was surprised when I did the post on "" that so many women suffered from depression; I was also struck by the realization that one should have to "work" to have fun or retain a social life; that it was common for people, especially women, to become disenchanted with the 'golden years'. (why women especially?  we have allowed ourselves to take on most of the burdens of unexpected disappointments in later life; caretakers of parents, in-laws, grand-children, etc.).

Well, ladies, if that is what it takes (and it is according to Dr. Ian Cook, psychiatrist and director of the Depression Research and Clinic Program at UCLA), there is a lot we can do to fight back.  Changing our lifestyle is often all that is necessary to make one feel better; adding more exercise, (both physical and mental), eating a more healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and most of all, adding more joy to our lives.  One of my favorite philosophers, Socrates, the master of satire, whom I discovered right after graduating from high school, said that humor is the ability to not take life too seriously. He admonished his followers to realize that tragedy (and we all have some, or will) is very close to the comic; we must learn to laugh at life, what people do, and mostly, at ourselves.

Modern researchers in the field of neuro psychiatry advocate learning to laugh constructively boosts the immune system, reduces pain by releasing endorphins that are more potent than morphine (per Dr. James Walsh); University of Michigan research states that 20 seconds of laughter is equal to 3 minutes of exercise on a rowing machine!

I put this post in this blog because it pertains to our overall enjoyment of life, not just our physical fitness.  Joy is necessary to "Rock Age".  Feeling good about ourselves in the first step to feeling good about our lives. For me, it starts by presenting an image to the world that makes me feel good, and of having a neat, orderly home that is my personal slot in the world.

.........Let's all "Rock Age"


  1. I absolutely agree with you. One must make their own joy. exercise, correct diet, and liking yourself all make you feel better. If you feel better, you are better.You also grow old better. I read a quote somewhere and it said "TO KNOW HOW TO GROW OLD IS THE MASTER WORK OF WISDOM." How true. Keep the advice coming. It keeps us reminded of what our goals are!!!

  2. What a great quote!! I will have to add that one to my personal truisms; it is so very true. You are so very right also that we must make our own; although we cannot control external elements in our world, we certainly can control to a great extent what we do to our own bodies. What you said about liking yourself is so crucial to what we do to ourselves. One good example is a post I received today from a friend about this magnificent singer who acknowledged how awful he felt about his looks and how it was tied to his self esteem. I could not help but think how much he himself caused the impression he made. His voice had to overcome his self imposed negative impression.

    Good to hear from you again, Ali.. I would love to post a picture of you "rocking your age"...