Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mature Fashion: Vogue's Ageism and Fashion

Greeting, all Stylinistas and Fashionistas over 40!!

WHY are we putting up with it!!  I just got an e-mail from that discussed the absurdity of runway models who are an average age of 16 to 26 modeling fashions that for the most part will be worn by women who are at least 30 years old.

This does not take into account "mature" women over 40..or 50..or..)  

I would send you the link but I cannot....don't know why..  I reached the article only by going to, clicking on 'runway' and searching for the title.  The article title is: "We Need to Talk About Fashion's Ageism Problem", written on March 25th by Janelle Okwodu.

At any rate, Ms. Okwodu brings to our attention the ridiculousness of the entire industry when it comes to women in our age groupings.

A few, very few, models slightly older than the 16-25 age group were shown on the runway by Prada, Theallet, H&M, and Kanye's "Yeezy", but out of the 250+ runway shows, that was about all there were. 

This is nonsense, and we should not put up with it!  Most of us bloggers show ourselves in clothing we are actually wearing; "real women", wearing real clothing in our real, every day life.  Most of us are not models, but women like Judith Boyd  (The Style Crone), or many of the ladies photographed regularly by Ari Cohen would make great models.  They are out there; I hope you will joint me in encouraging fashion magazines, etc. to use them.

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