Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mature Fashion: Rocking Trends with Personal Style

ancient Isabella Fiore handbag
Hello Fashionistas and Stylinistas;

Today's post is just a word about "Rocking Age" while retaining a true personal fashion style.  I read an article from a fellow blogger the other day that reminded me that stylish women who were true to their own fashion identity only took ideas and suggestions from the latest fashion trends, and certainly did not become "fashion victims".  Although I agreed fully with everything stated in the article, there was an item or two that I thought needed an expanded view.

Although an older women who has an  authentic personal style will certainly not become a slave to the latest fashion "fad" or trend,  it is more important for her than to her younger fashionistas and stylinistas to be aware of them.  She is universally advised to carefully select and wear current fashion elements in the costumes she wears for her daily roles if she does not wish to appear "old" or her garments "tired".  (two disparaging remarks used frequently in all fashion media from Project Runway, Fashion Police, or pulp fashion critics) . It is my personal belief that a 40+ woman must do this every season if she wishes to appear youthful and vibrant.  The same is true for the hair and make-up styling elements.

Dressing well is wearing clothing that is comfortable, flattering, fits well, and projects a look of confident self expression; it must always look like it suits you, fits your lifestyle and is right for your individual body. Fortunately, with the diversity of fashion styles, (both designer and street looks) it is almost impossible to not find garments and accessories that will do that.
Thrift store dull webbed leather
with added frosted crystal fringe 

A woman does not have to lose herself when choosing trend elements of the season but she needs to be aware of what to choose from all the options.  One of the bloggers I refer to quite a bit in my posts is the Judith Boyd (aka The StyleCrone), a superbly stylish woman also in her very early seventies .  In every post she uses marvelous and often vintage clothing usually worn with a hat and other striking accessories  It is also noticeable that in every combination she uses at least one current trend; it may be color in one photo, unusual feathers in another, motorcycle style boots, in yet another, an animal fur, etc. etc. She never uses too many fashion elements in one styling, and every piece is perfect for her body type and true to a visable aesthetic, but she is always up to the minute in current fashion trends.  Like Goldilocks choices, her ensembles are always "just right".  It is no accident; she understands fashion and how to adapt it to her body and existing wardrobe.

The picture in the upper left hand corner is one of the shots I took for my Spring/Summer 2016 style book. The cream leather handbag I had on hand seemed like it would be a perfect accessory for the garment.  When I viewed the resulting picture, the handbag looked 'alright' but, frankly, for my taste the ensemble lacked any originality.  I wanted to wear those shoes, but that purse just looked too 'blah' .  I solved the problem by finding this "just right" leather no-name handbag that is the same cream with the same dull gold surface finish as the bag. I added some irregularly shaped frosted crystal shaped beads.  I love this purse for this look (and a few other outfits in my 2016 collections) and it cost me under $20.00, beads and all. 

Most of us are rather tired of the winter weather and are more than ready to move on to warmer weather and a change of wardrobe. I'm sure there are several new looks you can find in your own closet that will help you "rock age".


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