Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mature Fashion: 2016 Fall Trends Series # 1

Following a trend, Geneva style
Hello Fashionistas and Stylinistas;

There seems to be no better season to explore and enjoy  personal style choices than Fall/Winter 2016!  I mentioned in an earlier post to one of the blogs that there was certainly something for everyone offered by the designers; Vogue also mentioned that there were over 40 different trends as opposed to the usual dozen or so. I think any woman could find several of them to her liking.

I liked a few of the trends so much that I jumped ahead of the season and tagged it onto this season's fashions. The colors grey and camel-ish brown were very big, especially when popped with several shades of wine and hot pink and a clear light sky blue.  The "Indianna Jones" styled hat and wide belts worn over everything were shown by many of the designers. 

Other trends that are consistent for most of the collections were layered sleeves (perfect for concealing older arms), turtle necklines under everything, and "fussy" layered necklines of all types.  There was very little neck jewelry, but a lot of neck embellishments on larger than usual decorative collars, some of them with fur and/or large bows and ties. The use of animals prints still continues and the use of colored fur and leather-like fabrics.

 Although there were a lot of cropped pants, there were also many stylings from top rated designers using narrow pants for those women who still like their jeggings and tights. I do not think anyone will feel they need to throw out any of existing garments because of style change.  I do think, however, most women will want to add a lot of fun accessories to freshen the wardrobe.  I already see great "little things" in shops such as brooches, shoelaces, shoe clips, etc. that can perk up the look of most classic garments, shoes, and handbags. Glitzy beading and metallics, especially silver tones is still very current.  Boots, boots, and platforms are still very fashion forward as well as the "men's look" in comfortable, sturdy flats. (I want white leather riding style boots if I can find them!)

It is a dream season for the crafty; everything from quirky appliques, conventional crochet and knitting, as well as fabric paintings of all kinds fit right in with the season's looks.  I have already started painting some leather boots!!

Beautiful, elegant styling by Kors, Lauren, and all the usual suspects.  There were amazing fanciful styling by most of the designers that can easily be muted for the more conservative older woman, or can be shown in all its glory by the woman with the figure for it. (or the bravery).  

In the above picture, you can see I have mixed a few of these elements into the outfit I wore. I already love the season and will show more in future posts.  It is now time for us all to shop our closets and take note of what we may need (or want).

Happy styling,

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