Friday, January 1, 2016

Mature Fashion: More Fashion For Us......

Happy New Year, Stylinistas and Fashionistas;

2016 appears to be ideally suited and kind for the mature Fashionista and Stylinista;  the current trend for "effortless" dressing and intentionally "casual" hairdos create a youthful appearance to any age. It is important to remember that "effortless" means the look of the garments and accessories just all happen to marvelously blend and work together although they were chosen at random.  The same for hairdos which give the appearance of needing more bobby pins, bands, or just use of a comb or brush. Roots are okay; from one inch to 6 inches, or graduated in ombre effects.  White and grey (as well as purple, green, and blue) hair rocks on women of any age!! Additionally, though this is an unfortunate fact, over 40% of all young women have waists, butts, and thighs as thick as their mothers or grandmothers.  The point being, other than wrinkles and physical abilities, the gap is closing between fashion for younger and older women. It also means more garments are being made available that suit and fit mature figures. 

Another advantage an older woman has in styling is her ability to use fashions of a few past seasons yet still look current and fashionable. When the general population views a 40+ woman who is still dressed in the fashions of her youth, she looks older; when a woman who is nearing 60 or so, wearing the very latest fashion can make her look like she is "trying too hard" to look young; she usually has to tone down her look a bit.  It is my belief that current fashion styles that  can be worn one or two seasons by those younger than forty before they look dated and about three or four seasons by women older.  As always, this is not a "rule", just an observation that generally works.  Each woman has to judge for herself.  In any event, it makes it easier on the pocketbook. 

The continued trend toward unisex dressing also is kind to the mature female figure.  Women tend to lose "hour glass" body types as they age and blend into more rectangular, oval, or inverted triangle shapes.  Menswear looks can be quite flattering on a mature figure as long as she avoids frumpy fit and accessorizes with imagination.   One of my close female friends and I were shopping in the city (San Francisco) this past weekend and street style for both sexes was basically interchangeable.  

Needless to say, as Nina Garcia (Project Runway, Marie Claire) says, it takes a lot of organization to look effortless; or as Zac Posen says, not "look a hot mess".  I have found that once a woman is organizied, effortless dressing really can be effortless. (well, almost effortless!) In "" we will discuss how we can organize our garments and accessories to be fashionable literally at a moment's notice.

The taste range of fashion styles shown in both the S/S 2016 Fashion Week and in Pre-Fall 2016 also appears to be kind to our age group(s).  Classic styles with imaginative and thoughtful use of accessories allow any stylinista to re-imagine her current wardrobe to every fashion level.  Of course, there is a lot of multi-texture garments and a mish-mash of colors very visible in the styling, however, a stylinista can create the same effect with many garments she may already own.  We will discuss ways and means in future posts.

In the meanwhile, here are some "heads-up" for late 2016; this will provide some clues to how our fashionista or sylinista can plan current and future purchases:

Leather appears to still be a strong influence, especially blocks of color in leather garments; the sporty influence is still strong with clunky and often chain laden strapped sandals and open backed slippers.  Textured hose, (especially a mix of transparency and texture),snake skin prints (usually larger patterns that previously), pony spots, and nautical themes from the spring collections will continue into fall but in darker blues and black.  Stripes will be mostly wide and vertical.  Transparent garments still popular and buttons, buttons, buttons as a design element. White, Black and lavish  multi-colored prints still seem to be en vogue. 

In another week I will begin curating my own closet for the next season; I am glad I did my research because I had a couple of blouses I was going to retire, but I will hold on to them now that they will fit right in with the predictions; the same is true of an old leather skirt. Doing the necessary research, etc. for this blog has been good for me in re-inforcing my own personal styling practices.

Of course, we still have almost two months before the fall 2016 shows, but Pre-fall is usually a pretty good indicator of what will come.  Do expect another surprise or two in late February.  Do check out "" and "" for new tips on ushering in 2016 fashionably and with good health.



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